The Secret Of Getting Results Now

The Secret Of Getting Results Now
If you’re reading this post, then I’m afraid to say that you are wasting time. I know it’s crazy but almost everything we do is wasting time, even our jobs. If what you’re doing right now is not something related to your dreams or aspirations, or specifically what Stephen Covey refers as Quadrant 2 (non-urgent important things), then you are, in a way, wasting time. What you want is to get results in things that matter in your life.

It’s important to ask these questions first: Are you not achieving any of your goals? Do you have any goals at all or have you yielded in neglecting them? Any desires to lose weight lately, finish a project, or start something interesting in your life? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s likely that you’re still in point A. This post will share to you the secret of getting results now, the secret in getting to point B.

The right time is now

There’s never going to be a perfect time for anything. Don’t wait for the sunshine to come. Achievers carry their own weather.  It doesn't matter if they are in a rot or euphoria. The thing is they show up. Showing up is 80 percent of the job already (or was it 90 percent?). It doesn't matter. The first step is usually the hardest thing to do and it blinds us. The secret? Just do it, and don’t worry if it works or not. Just make the first step, just show up. Somehow, everything makes sense after that.

Break the problem into segments

Almost everything in this world is divisible. It’s not just protons and neutrons that are divided into quarks, but also our problems and tasks. Get rid of the cramming and “overnight solution” schemes. It will only lead to substandard outcomes. The best way is to divide your goal into small digestible segments.

The word is “overwhelmed.” We have a tendency to see the big problems of our lives as overwhelming. The moment you break them into small pieces, you realize that they’re no longer the huge Goliath you primarily feared of. Furthermore, it’s also easier for you to ask help from someone on small details of the problem rather than the whole thing. Think about it.

Time yourself

Valuing time is the key to almost everything. I use the Promodoro technique with my tasks. It helps me in achieving my mini goals and keeps me focused, at the same time, prevents me from getting burned out.
Once you segmented the problem and added a “time element” to it, it becomes something else. It is now more like a challenge. A better perspective is seeing the whole thing as a game that you can easily win.  

However, setting specific amount of time may not always end up with finishing or hitting your targets in a day. I’d say don’t worry about it. You’ve done more than enough. If you gave all you got and focused on the task with the allotted time, even if for just a small amount, then you’ve done far more compared to cramming and putting it off for later.  Also, you can try again tomorrow, aim at getting better. Trust me. You can sleep better at night knowing you’re a step closer to your dreams.

Celebrate minor victories

Everyone loves celebration. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as there’s something to celebrate. See we’re so used to putting off things for later that we end up accomplishing nothing. The way around this is to work through the tips above and consider your “mini segmented targets” worthy of a plush celebration! No point in delaying it. Plan a weekend escapade. Have a drink with your friends, be creative.

Never expect to achieve things without rewarding yourself even if it’s just minor victories. Actually, taking a break allows time for you to evaluate the progress done so far and also appreciate the fact that you’re just now a few steps from reaching your goal. Furthermore, it prevents getting frustrated and burnt out. Once you see it this way, the process of achieving goals and getting results now becomes much more enjoyable.

Act it out first

I read this on several books already and this is exactly the whole point of this motivational blog. I am in no position to give tips about life and about getting results considering where I am with my goals. I might not have a success story yet but I am certain that I’ll have one soon. The point is I’m trying to act it out first.

If you want to achieve something, perhaps losing weight, act like you've lost weight already. Buy fitting clothes, eat what fit people eat, and do what fit people do. As you act accordingly, you accept that you are getting fitter each day. It starts with your affirming beliefs and eventually results show up. It’s not a question if it will happen or not, it will happen.

Leave worries to worry for itself

You know what? Nothing is certain in life. You may end up as a poor guy at the end of it all or a rich successful man on a yacht, the bottom line is no one can tell. However, if you live your life worrying about this, then you likely end up as the former since you’re wasting time. Unfortunately, you don’t get anywhere if you sit there all day worrying. Leave your worries to worry for itself.  

Flying Hawk

You have a superhuman power

As a fanatic of super heroes and their super powers, I kept asking myself, "What super power could real people have?" I ended up that we have the “super power” to make things happen. Only human beings have the power to create and start something in this world. A dog may want to create a wooden house of its own, but it can never do that. Only humans can. And once you really think about it, it’s as a superpower for the possibilities are endless.

Dream more

The truth is all these tips mentioned above are useless if in the first place you haven’t dreamt of achieving anything. If you have succumbed to the harshness of the world or the opinions of others that you can never do it, then you are at risk of not living at all. You should know that you can do it. Dream more! If you ask me, it’s better to have a life of, “Wow, I did that?” rather than “I wish I did that.”

5 Cornerstones That Made Me Dream High And Deep

5 Cornerstones That Made Me Dream High And Deep
Wherever we are right now in life is traceable to the decisions and actions we made in the past. Therefore, I am a unique embodiment of everything in the past. This got me thinking, why am I this person now and what were the things, big or small, that shaped me?

If you had the chance to read a couple of my entries here on this blog, you may recognize the suggestions of positivism in each of them. Perhaps you see a pattern of me trying (at times too hard) to show to you that there’s a better way – that positivity is just right at the corner. I’d like you to know that I am not the person I am today if it weren't for the cornerstones that I’m made of.

I’d say that I’m proud for these cornerstones for it made me see life differently. I believe that they saved me from my old self who is a depressive guy, waiting for the world to end while hoping for nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way saying that I’m perfect or better than any of you, I am just here to share how I reach such thoughts and how these thoughts enabled me to lay most of my insecurities and fears down consequently allowing me to dream higher and deeper. In short, this is an attempt for me to reach out and tell you why in the world I think like "this and that." If you’re interested, then read on.


This is a main turning point for me and I can easily admit that this cornerstone is the precursor why I prefer positive perspectives in life. PALS stands for Personal Awareness Leadership Seminar. You can say that it is about leadership, but what really made an impact on me is the personal awareness part of it. It opened my eyes to many things. In fact, if you join this seminar, you’d be surprised that almost everything I talk here on this blog is based from the things I learned from there.

In this seminar, you re-discover that you have infinite potential. It also teaches you that you are responsible for your life. Furthermore, it imparts very interesting ways on how to communicate with people emphasizing on the types of listening and handling difficult situations. Most of all, it helps you understand the “oneness” of the world. I’m confident to say that the lessons you learn from this seminar saves you half of a lifetime of learning if you were to learn them on your own. It’s a crash course to life.


I am no book reader. The truth is it takes me ages to finish a book. However, I could never deny the importance of them. Self-help books are what keep me motivated. It refreshes my mind and it helps me stay in the right track. They’re great for references when faced with situations. They’re also very relatable.

I continuously read books that keep the dreamer in me. If I were to recommend books, I’d include the following: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich (where philosophies of PALS are based from), Psycho-cybernetics, and books from notable successful people like Dale Carnegie, Warren Buffet, Brian Tracy and so on. I have to admit, there are a lot of books but you can actually see a clear pattern from most of them. There’s this one message and that’s, “If they can do it, you can do it.“


It’s already been proven that when you surround yourself with positive and supportive people, you get to become one as well. I never thought I’d find them in the Immanuel Fellowship group, a church that I belong with. These church friends of mine, although they may not know it, keep me motivated to do better things in life. You may not agree with me, but the church has a lot of positive things that can keep you going. From what I see it, it’s easy to form dreams just by being part of a group that has a mission to reach out and serve. I don’t want to be bias on this, but basically, you can have any group as long as they support you and your dreams, or at the very least, keep you a dreamer. It’s just that, you’ll find them mostly in such congregations who have a vision mission to reach out.

Immanuel is worth the mention since it’s a venue for me to continuously strive and become better just because I discovered a purpose other than myself. You’d realize that there are bigger things than us, and sometimes the bigger things keep us away from the boring, mundane, and destructive smaller issues, which by that I mean the dramas we think we have, the minor discomforts, and so on.


I don’t know if my ideas come solely from the seminar or books, my unique experiences, my “we-are-infinite” way thinking, or the combination of all these. The point is my ideas are now different than what they were before. I discovered that one can meet tons of ideas when one looks at the big picture and think out of the box. I may be wrong, but I think if you have such a thought process, your ideas encompass a lot of things and not just anything restricted.

Formulating positive ideas and acknowledging them as my own is one aspect that I didn’t expect to be a cornerstone. What I know is that you are your thoughts. Thoughts form attitudes, attitudes form habits, and habits form “you” as seen by the world.

Vision and Expectations

Do you know about Pygmalion theory? If you do, then I’m actually setting high expectations for myself. If you don’t, then Pygmalion theory is just the theory that people act accordingly on what society expects from them. Basically, if the people around you expect you to become great, then you’re more likely to become one for you subconsciously try to meet those expectations. The sad part is when they don’t expect much from you.

Actually, I found a hack on this. You just need to set high expectations for yourself and act as a standalone source of expectations. This enabled me to have a clear vision what I will be 5 years from now or even 10 years from now. I can see a clear picture of myself. I know it can be crazy (even delusional) of me, but no, I’m just setting high expectations for I deserve the best even if it is just lies in my imagination. I know eventually that people will see these expectations I set for myself, thus inadvertently you dictate them what to expect from you. And there goes your Pygmalion theory hack.

Dream Higher And Deeper

As you noticed, I never included my formal education in the list. I think my formal years of study have not developed me much as the person I am now. It’s ironic to say that what I learned in college is not so helpful to me now. However, I would never forget the great mentors that contributed along the way. If I were to choose my own path, I’d rather had done self-study (or a more focused form of study) and learn from actual experiences and people who really made it. But it’s also important to note that we’re better off with no regrets. We don’t have to be too radical. It’s important to consider that each step, no matter how useless or long it may seem, is necessary for anyone to reach the now. Your past tenses are essentially what bring you to your present tenses.

After sharing all these cornerstones to you, I’d now like to ask you several questions. What do you think are the influences in your life that led you to think the way you think right now? What are the cornerstones of your life that built who you are right now? What will you do if no one stops you from becoming what you want? What will you do if you can be what you wanted 5 or 10 years from now? Will you still settle for less? I hope not and I hope you continuously strive and build a firm foundation. I bet my 25 centavo that it’s better to aim high. Therefore, I’m going to leave you with this, “Always dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.”
(All photos used in this post copyright of Kevin Abad)

10 Things To Look For In A Partner

10 Things To Look For In A Partner
I’m going to put my love guru hat today and share some thoughts on relationship. For singles or even for people in a relationship, you may have your own standards on what to look for in a partner. As a single guy for a year and a half now, I’m starting to wonder if I’m setting too high of a standard for a woman (or if I even deserve to look for high standards to begin with). It got me into thinking on the qualities that I'm looking for in a partner.

I’m going to share this to you and hopefully you keep an open mind to it. Of course feel free to react in whatever action necessary if I mentioned things that are way off. Also, I consider these things to be applicable in a general sense, so basically I think it applies to both girls and boys out there. Here we go.

1. Has a good sense of humor or at least keep up a conversation

Yes, they’re pretty and all, but if you can’t spend an hour with her because it gets too boring, then that’s a big “do not enter” sign there. The partner should at least have a good sense of humor or knows how to keep a conversation going. Of course, you play a major role on this for you are the only one to blame if you settle for someone who you know would not understand you talking about quantum physics or aliens watching over us.

2. Has a sense of mystery

Imagine watching a movie but knowing exactly how it ends. It’s like starting something and knowing that it has to fail soon. As a movie critic put it on the recent movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp, “who would want to watch a predictable film when they know the heroes will win?” I think this goes the same with relationships. We seek people who have a sense of mystery in them. The thrill of not knowing much about the other person is what gets us attracted. The best way to go around it, perhaps, is to not be too predictable.

3. Non-clingy

Having a clingy partner is pleasurable when the whole relationship thing has just started. But unfortunately, it is not too nice when they overdo it for the first four weeks, without fail. Being too clingy is the perfect fire extinguisher. It shows that you’re needy and you need someone's attention to survive. It also tells that you can’t start something fun on your own. I think a great recipe to enjoy a relationship is that you are both free to do both your own thing and meet halfway.

4. Does his or her own thing

Yes I somehow mentioned this already, but I’m adding it again because it is very important. A prospect partner should have something that he or she cares about. They should have at least a job that they care for (and not only complain about), they should have some goals or aspirations, and, of course, they’re at least trying to improve in one way or another.

Swag and beauty won’t last, you haven’t heard? It’s all over the net.

5. Shares the budget

We live in a liberated and modern world now where both men and women alike are able to take care of their finances. Don’t expect the guy to pay all the bills. But yeah, guys have the tendency to pay for stuff. But when you start to let your partner pay for mundane, unnecessary costs, then it goes downhill from there.

6. Thinks he or she is good looking

I don’t know, but I think this is a good ingredient to add in the mix. The partner should have at least a decent self-esteem especially when you’re hanging out together. Who would want to go out and date someone who’s not even comfortable under their skin? It would just make the both of you feel awkward.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be super pretty or sexy to feel this way, what matters is how you look at yourself and what your partner thinks about you, which should of course coincide. How on earth would they date you if you’re not, right?

7. Well groomed

It’s disrespectful to show up unkempt. Worse if you’re stinking.

8. One who plays it cool

Let’s face it. We’re living in a time where everyone changes partner like a pair of clothes. Expecting too much from your partner is actually risking too much. I mean, each should just play cool. Anyhow, you would be partners for long if the odds continue to be on both your side. Just play it cool.

9. One who loves genuinely

This might seem contrasting from number 8 but actually it has a big point. When in a relationship or when you already think you have found someone worth your time, I think they deserve all the love you can give. Not a love that is out of self-sacrifice but, instead, an enjoyable love.

Put it like loving a dog, loving without expecting them to really give all their love back-- you just love them for being them. I do believe that nothing is forever-made so why not spend each moment genuinely in love and enjoy every bit of the time in the relationship while it lasts?

10. Someone you can grow with

What you really want in a partner is someone you can grow with, and you only get that from someone who has a positive outlook not just in your relationship but also in life.

Maybe it’s just me, but people don’t have this characteristic these days. A lot seem to try to get a partner and be in a relationship not because they have something to offer but because they can’t just bear being alone in the world with everyone posting their “dinner date pictures” on Facebook looking sweet and all.

Try to think out of the box. Loving is loving per se. It’s an action that one ought to give, a positive energy ought to be shared, and something that is supposed to be a blessing. I think I should end with this.

What do you think? Can you add more things to look in a partner? Share your thoughts below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe on the right to not miss any post from this blog on your email. Interested in stock market? Read about the stock market blog series.

7 Benefits Of Being Positive

7 Benefits Of Being Positive
It’s always easier to feel down and complain on how bad the world is. I don’t know what has gotten into us that we find it comfortable to blame others and the world for most of our miseries. I used to be like that. In fact, I was the worst of its kind. I don’t see opportunities, I hate my college course, I hate my parents for settling in middle-class, I wish they had a business setup already and I'll just inherit it, I hoped for the government to stop getting our taxes, they just put it in their pockets anyway, I hate Mondays and Sundays (Sundays just because the next day is Monday), and the list keeps going, longer, perhaps endless.

What I didn’t realize is that there’s no point in being negative and complaining all the things happening in my life. My parents will stay the same, my friends will not change, my course or job will stay the same, and so on. I discovered in a seminar back in 2010 that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity (Einstein said so). I never think the same way again. I now question everything, especially things that I complained or think negatively about. I realized that they were all in a loop. In as much as I hate to admit it, negativity all started from me, others or the world has nothing to do with it. So, slowly, I decided to stop complaining, and see things on the brighter side, and be influenced by positive things.

To show you that I changed, that I’m striving to be better, I will share to you the benefits of being positive even if you may think astutely that I’m in one way or another a hypocrite or even a wannabe. The truth is, I can’t care enough. What matter is we try, and even better if we share. :-) (Yes I have to put a smiley to that).

1. You see the Big Picture

If you just focus on the small fry, the small troubles, and transient worries you have, then you will live miserably, if not just for a day, but days of your life. Being positive allows you to see the big picture. That there’s a greater picture than what you are seeing. Ask yourself, will these troubles, problems, and worries matter in the long run?

2. You realize you have endless possibilities

Being positive is opening the invisible doors around you. You see things in better perspectives. You see people in a beautifully unique way. Once you walk into those doors -- a light, a realization, will greet you with each revealing you a message: life is beautiful. The possibilities are endless.

3. Everything is easier

If you think it’s hard or impossible, then you are right. If you think it’s easier, you are right as well. See it’s all about mindset. It’s funny to reckon how simple things are. What you think is what you create.

4. You no longer get sick

I am no doctor or researcher, but I’m just going to point out something. You actually see things brighter now if you think positively. Even having a terminal disease may seem to be not-so-much-of-a burden or difficulty as compared to a person who is chiefly depressed or negative given that bad news. As a positive person, you see purpose on things. I know it’s cliché, but we live life looking for our purposes. A sickness may not be a sickness at all. I don’t think I made a good point of explaining this, but hopefully you get the appeal of it.

5. You enjoy the ride

Staying positive and bringing your own weather, which is an ever-bright sunny one, gets you through life like having an exciting ride. All the time anticipating better and greater things. Like a child opening gifts during Christmas, always looking forward for a surprise.

breathe life

What Everybody Ought to Know About Fear

What Everybody Ought to Know About Fear
“Fear is the surest definition of yourself.” One of the quotes that struck me in one book that I read. We usually think of fear as something that we can’t face. But to really think of it. Fear, like the ads say, is really nothing.

Let me tell you some of the concepts that I gathered through books, materials, experiences, and self-taught concepts that I acquired through the years. Here are some of them.

Fear is natural and you formed most of it when you were a kid

Don’t blame yourself if you have a lot of fears or insecurities. Most often than not, you got those when you were a kid. My point is, you don’t have a great deal of control on what fears to have or not since you formed it back when you had a traumatic experience from years ago.

So what can you do about it? Well fear is natural and all living creatures in this world all have fears. However, not all fears are real or necessary. I mean fearing ghosts every time you go to a creepy-looking house is not necessary especially if you haven’t seen a real ghost in your life (which I think most people haven’t, really) and if it hinders your daily life or work. Some fears are not worth having.

Fear keeps us from getting what we want

Ever had that time when you wanted to approach that lovely girl across the table but you just can’t do it? You’re afraid of rejection, you’re afraid of her turning you down. The fact is, you either do it or not, the answer will always be either a “yes or a no.” But if you don’t get off that chair of yours you’ll never get to that point. To put it clearly, not doing anything is actually failing already. Getting overwhelmed by fear and deciding to not decide is already a horrible decision. Do yourself a favor and at least get to a “yes or no.”

This is of course also evident in any endeavor in life. You might have dreamed of singing in a band but you are just too afraid of what people think of you. You might want to approach your boss for a raise but you won’t do it because you’re afraid of him/her. Once again, just need to get to a yes or no.

Overcome fear with practice

To stand at the edge of fear is to overcome fear. We all have our fears. But once we view the whole thing as some sort of challenge we can face each day, then we develop skills that enables us to approach it with lesser hesitations.

You could try it out. Make a list of you fears. The list could include public speaking, telling a girl you like her, raising your hand in class, suggesting ideas on office meetings, or crossing the road with eyes closed (no don’t add that last one). What you have to do is to try to cross out one fear in the list each day. You don’t have to make it perfect, you just have to try. The experiment is quite liberating. The interesting part is, the more you do it, the more you see your fears as minor obstacles, which you ask yourself why you even bothered worrying about them in the first place.

We fear that we don't understand

You probably heard this a lot. It's mentioned in many movies, even in the recent Man Of Steel. Basically, if you are feeling afraid of something you don't know, then don't stay ignorant forever. Try to discover more of it. Read a blog about it, ask about it (there's nothing wrong with asking), or experience it. You'd be surprised that it is not that hard to understand things. So, if you are afraid of investing in stocks because you don't know anything about it, then why not read this

Fear makes us settle for less

I always mention this to people who talk about stability: Stability is a lie. We may think that we are living a life that is relatively secure and comfortable, but it’s just an illusion. I might sound too confident or even a know-it-all with this, but I strongly hold the belief that life is meant to be challenging and growth is necessary in all walks of life. It doesn’t mean when you reach your sixties you stop learning things. I repudiate the thought that we have to reach stability at some point in life. Genuine stability is never within our reach, it’s either we continue to grow, or else, we decay.

It’s quite astonishing that the biggest reasons why we settle for less or for things that are seemingly stable are our fears and insecurities.

We are more likely to stay in a job we don’t like only because we can’t appear to find other opportunities to work for us. If you look behind the curtain, it’s actually fear that is obstructing the window of opportunities. This might be a slap in the face for most, but there are actually thousands of opportunities out there! Historians say that the opportunities we had in the 60s or 80s are pretty much of the same ratio as what we have now. Crises and struggles have always been there. It’s just our perception and fear that make us consider that years ago life was better when in fact it’s the same.

I may have mentioned some pretty disputable concepts here, but I have outgrown the fear of how people think of me. As for me, I try to live at the edge of fear, it's far from perfect, but I'm wiling to try. As for you, see what you want to see. Fear what you want to fear. It’s always our choice after all. It’s always up to you.

5 Wonderful Ways To Value Time

5 Wonderful Ways To Value Time
Time is probably the most wasted asset. Let’s admit it, most of us take time for granted. Some of us may already have realized that this separates us from people who make things happen. Those people who have offered something substantial to the world actually have the same-dear-old 24 hours each day. We don’t value time and we carelessly manage it. The results are devastating: depression, delays, rat race, and any of the sorts.

You might be one of these, one who finds it hard to sleep because they are guilty of not doing anything for what they want to become or for what they want to get. If so, here are 5 wonderful ways for you to get away from this rot.

1. Tomorrow is not a guarantee

Always consider that tomorrow, heck, anything in life has no guarantee. We might die in our sleep tonight without anyone knowing or we might get mobbed and shot in the head while walking on the streets. Picturing this, it ain’t hard to imagine these, “Have we truly lived our life and not just existed?” “Are we ready for death?” I bet many great ideas now unfold as you ask these questions. “You could have done this and that” kinds of statements you can create straightforwardly. Don’t live a life of regret. Start living as if it is your last day today and be productive.

2. Time your activities

A wonderful way to actually get good results for the day is to time your activities. I keep a 25-minute timer on my laptop. Whatever work I do using my laptop, say creating a website or writing an article, I would try my best to work on the allotted time. So I just focus on a certain activity for 25 minutes without letting anything distract me. After the alarm rings, I then set a 5-minute break to do a bit of stretching, a bit of Facebook, or even just looking at something else to prevent eye strain. I feel that by doing this, I already given myself a good balance on things and get more things done. This might also work for you.

3. Jot it down

If timing your activities seems to be lacking in some ways, then you can jot them down. This, I imagine, helps you sleep at night, especially when you are working on a self-goal that no one knows about.

Jotting what you’ve done for the 25-minute activities helps you see the big picture. You’ll discover that everything is about forming habits. That consistency is key and you just have to do one small step each day. So write it down, even things that you do for others. Say, “I spent 25 minutes watching a short TV series with my girlfriend.” Wouldn’t it make the whole thing memorable? Just don’t be geeky in writing everything especially when you’re out in the public. You don’t have to write it at that instant, the whole point of this is that you remain conscious if your spending time wisely or not.

4. Exercise

Studies show that you are a lot more productive if you set 30 minutes to an hour of exercise each day. It could be just an ordinary jog early in the morning. By doing so, you get to be more focused on things, a lot more alert and awake, and not to mention, healthier and fit. Do exercise not because people say so, but because you love yourself.

5. Always consider your priorities

Your time is always more valuable than others. So never let others dictate to you how to manage your time. I’m not just saying this because that’s what I like to think about my time. But, actually, this is also how many successful people think about theirs. Let me mention one friend who don’t compromise his time and business just because his friends (including me) are out drinking and all. With that good value of his, he and his brand continues to be the top indie-clothing brand in the Philippines.

It’s actually funny how most of us let our plans and activities are allowed to be easily swayed by our girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and even family, and let it be like how they want it to be. I mean, that’s totally sad letting others control our priorities, our valuable time. Disrespecting our time makes us look like fools since we’re the ones who set them schedules in the first place. If you are going to allow people to mess with it anyway, then at least put up a fight.

Don’t get me wrong, this valuing of time is not selfish. Actually, the more you value your time, the more you can offer it to the people who you really value as well. Say you set aside just 8 pristine hours of work and then you set two hours for your girlfriend, and probably another hour for your family. Now, ruining your work schedule can already have massive effects on the other schedules, namely for your girlfriend, family, and even your rest. This compromises all others and you’ll miss out doing the most part instead. So, try to value your time and respect the time given for each day.

At the end of the day, what you went through for yourself are the only things that matter. Your parents, your girlfriends/boyfriends, and your friends won’t know what you were achieving for yourself. It’s always about you and your dreams. Dreams are the things you struggle with and achieve while no one knows about. So, don’t just let anyone take it away so easily.
(photo credit by Julian Bialowas)

I’m A Year Old Member Of Truly Rich Club

Time flies so fast that I’ve already invested in the stock market for a year already. I know it’s such a short time in relevance to my long-term goal of investing for 20 years. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have made it without the help of Mr. Bo Sanchez and the Truly Rich Club. I’m basically a year old as well with the club since it’s my principal aid in trading with stocks back when I was (still am now) a newbie. I’d just like to share my experience, some of the key points I learned over the months, and an interesting present that you might want to check out.

Thank you Truly Rich Club

Truly Rich Club is probably the first financial advisor of my life. Although the club is aimed primarily at educating members on financial freedom, I was essentially interested with the stock updates only. You should know that for a complete beginner as I, the club was one of those that opened my eyes on the benefits of investing. Though I’m a fan of investing way before I was a member, I appreciate the club’s unique approach, especially the emphasis on thanking the provider for the blessings, also having a positive mindset on most things.

Bo is a magnet. You can easily sense the beautiful person that he is through his newsletter and God Whisper, where he provides members regular quotes that keeps one uplifted. A person who constantly needs positivity may benefit a lot from this. He is also quite transparent with everything especially when it comes to stocks. He shares to you his trades and thoughts on what to buy and when to buy, as well as when to hold or sell. This is basically the reason why I joined the club. However, I have to admit that I appreciate the other bonuses included, such as the video seminars where you can catch up with Bo’s talk and ideas as if you are joining (and paying) those exclusive seminars.

So for a year, even if I were investing 497 pesos each month to become a member, I’d say I’m grateful for the club. The club definitely has a huge role on this investment journey of mine.

What I learned over the year

There are a lot of things I learned about the stock market in just a year. If you would think closely, I’m still a baby to this investment stuff. To add, I’m not even doing my part of research on stocks and how it really works, even not fully exploring the online broker COL financial. I acted as any regular club member would: put up a certain amount of money on a regular basis, preferably monthly, and buy the stocks as recommended by the stocks update from the club. It’s pretty much investing by being spoon-fed. That’s exactly what happened to me, well, for the most part.

Just recently however, a crash happened to the market and from all greens (positive gains ranging from 15 percent to 40 percent) my portfolio all went down to reds (negatives). This came as a shock to me, but nonetheless, a great learning experience. I learned that stock market is indeed unpredictable. I also learned, that the club does not predict much of anything too. So it’s quite a risk to day-trade where you buy and sell on a regular basis. It made me realize the valuable method of buying consistently during a low price and selling when it is high, while still setting both eyes on the end goal, which is long term. Keeping in mind that this sway is temporary and an overall upward trend is prominent when you look at the big picture. Exactly what the SAM method of the Club is doing. I would say I learned a lot and I’m expecting more of this wild coaster ride. If you should know, it’s a perfect time to buy stocks. 

Spreading the Blessings

As a member, I always tried to spread the benefits of being part of the club. I even started a blog series on stock market and about the club to give ideas to people on how the club works. Though I also understand those who are unable to invest 500 pesos a month or basically about 6000 pesos a year to be a member. I mean who would pay for something big and risking when we have our own bills and other expenses to worry, right? But this doesn’t stop me in spreading the blessings. In fact, I have something to offer you just to help you see and appreciate the benefits of the club.

If you are interested, I will email to you, without any strings attached, the previous stocks updates from the preceding months. This I may seem kind of unfair to the other members but I strongly consider this a huge help for people who are still hesitant just because they have zero idea on the matter. I’d like to share probably one or two, of course with confidentiality (I trust you on this), previous stock updates. It doesn’t have to be a recent one. It will probably be a three-month old update. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what to expect from the club, on how the email looks like, and how you can see yourself benefitting from it. If you are interested with this offer, you can just email me. I’d try my best to respond to you and share to you this opportunity once I see you fit. Also, try to check the recommended online broker.

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully you learn a thing or two. Don’t forget to message me on this page if you are interested with my offer, and I'd really appreciate if you help spread this. I’m hopeful that I won’t get hate comments from other club members who think otherwise. Haha!