Why do people prejudge? Why do they do such mean things to others? What do they know about us and why do they even judge as at first glance or first actions? I realized that people are naturally stupid.

We think that the world we create in our mind is the actual thing we have in the real world. We always create an image in our mind from mere facts or even first views or first sound. What a total failure... If the community is composed by such fools, they will all end up in war or bickering and all those related stuff. It's a crime to prejudge..

Yesterday I had met such person, she thinks she can say anything because she has the authority. Well nice shot, she just lost her authority with me seeing her that way. Anyway, judging people with what they say without really looking at what they are doing would only destroy a relationship that should have been a good one. It's just sad and sometimes infuriating.

Sometimes saying your opinion aloud without really thinking about it can lead to a negative outcome. This is because that we are already practicing prejudice to the point that it becomes a habit. So if you plan to wake up and change your mind, we should start with "pause and think before saying." Well I hope this advice reach her.

The good thing though, I think totally different. When someone prejudge you, try to think that you know why she or he did that. You don't have to prove anything or to say anything. You don't even have to be disappointed. It's their opinion anyway, and their opinion doesn't really matter. Some people are really stupid and understanding them at times is real hard. But it's my fault why i got affected. And i try to always think this way: they maybe mean or bad, but love them anyway. Just like what Mother Theresa once said..

p.s to that charged nurse and resident doctor. I love you for making me write this!

Thank you for all the good people

It’s really awesome how you see other people helping or reaching out to other people. There was this one time that a kiddo helped another kiddo and that was just pure awesomeness. It is art in motion, it really is. Try to consider this: the world full of helping people won’t be called world or earth anymore, I’ll call it paradise.

Genuine care for others is truly a challenge that requires someone to genuinely care to their selves as well. You can’t care for others if you can’t even take care of yourself. Ironic on how some people, give all they got to care for others and in the end they don’t even know how to care for themselves. To the point that when the person they cared most is gone or leaves them, they got nothing much left for anything. We sometimes build our life onto others, but this is not good. You should build a good relationship inside you first and start from there. The radiance created from within would be the thing that will keep on moving and growing. The more you nurture it the more it’ll grow.

Now how the heck is that related with genuine care for others? Basically you care more to others because you know how to care for yourself. You see, once you feel loved, all that is left to do is to share that love. I know it’s kind of complicated, and for now I can’t really put into words what the heck I have in mind, maybe on a later post I will discuss more on this. But for now that should be enough. And yep let’s just thank all the good people out there doing their own thing. Thank you!

How to get inspiration?

A lot of people ask questions like, “how can I be inspired?” Well somehow I learned a bit on how to do it. I don’t know how I came to this but I realize that inspiration is a good thing that keeps you moving on and makes you smile at times, even at weird times when you are riding in the jeepney alone or something like that. Inspiration keeps us going. People love to act under the influence of inspiration.

Now how to be inspired? Simple, it is simply thinking positive! Always think of what you can do in your life, on how to make "you" a better person. These thoughts actually act like drivers able to twist those inspiration juices out. Think good and think how you could do things in a better way. You’ll realize that there are a lot of things to do, and thus you’ll be inspired to do those things and actually reach them.

Music and travel can be a good tandem in making you feel better and inspired as well. Try to listen to good music, any happy music or any new music, and just ride a bus, a train or any moving thing, and just watch the world pass by. You’ll actually see your beautiful thoughts flying around the corner. All you’ve got to do is grab and catch them. It’s funny how ideas pops out almost immediately from nowhere. I wish I had a journal with me all the time to write all those things that keeps me inspired.

Basically that’s how to get inspiration, well it works for me. Always think of yourself as a good thing and a "thing" that you can establish more good stuff into it. After all, we are the engineers of our life. Planning for better stuff is amazing! Just the thought of them is enough to make you smile and be inspired…


I started talking to a friend about anything, started sharing some music, and warned not to share it with anybody. I don't know, if I started to like a band, you don't want anyone else liking it.  When a band becomes too famous it loses its "famousness."

Then I started talking about friendly people. Friendly people lose their friendliness as well if they become too friendly or touchy or whatever. Yep I realize that  as well. Some people really don't talk to you, and they try real hard to do that, just to look cool. Yep I bet at the back of their mind is the concept of "being too friendly leads to less friendlilessness" If you know what i mean.

So i start thinking hey, why is it that way? Are we just selfish morons walking around the streets? I don't think so, maybe we're selfish with our own ideas. Plagiarism or whatever its called. Well I'm way off, anyway I'll still continue loving bands and music that are not yet that "famous."


I figured out that humans, along with their insatiable wants and needs, are pursued by jealousy. It's a disease that we have since we have recognition. It's an unfair world, we may look up to others and we may sometimes look down. An unfair world it is.

A world of jealous eyes and minds. How can one survive? I don't know the answer yet, but to be happy with what you've got, is maybe one. But still we ask for more. Humans oh humans.

This never ending chase for something great is indeed addicting. We can never limit ourselves, but as well we can never really satisfy “us.” Are we bound for despair?