10 Things To Look For In A Partner

10 Things To Look For In A Partner
I’m going to put my love guru hat today and share some thoughts on relationship. For singles or even for people in a relationship, you may have your own standards on what to look for in a partner. As a single guy for a year and a half now, I’m starting to wonder if I’m setting too high of a standard for a woman (or if I even deserve to look for high standards to begin with). It got me into thinking on the qualities that I'm looking for in a partner.

I’m going to share this to you and hopefully you keep an open mind to it. Of course feel free to react in whatever action necessary if I mentioned things that are way off. Also, I consider these things to be applicable in a general sense, so basically I think it applies to both girls and boys out there. Here we go.

1. Has a good sense of humor or at least keep up a conversation

Yes, they’re pretty and all, but if you can’t spend an hour with her because it gets too boring, then that’s a big “do not enter” sign there. The partner should at least have a good sense of humor or knows how to keep a conversation going. Of course, you play a major role on this for you are the only one to blame if you settle for someone who you know would not understand you talking about quantum physics or aliens watching over us.

2. Has a sense of mystery

Imagine watching a movie but knowing exactly how it ends. It’s like starting something and knowing that it has to fail soon. As a movie critic put it on the recent movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp, “who would want to watch a predictable film when they know the heroes will win?” I think this goes the same with relationships. We seek people who have a sense of mystery in them. The thrill of not knowing much about the other person is what gets us attracted. The best way to go around it, perhaps, is to not be too predictable.

3. Non-clingy

Having a clingy partner is pleasurable when the whole relationship thing has just started. But unfortunately, it is not too nice when they overdo it for the first four weeks, without fail. Being too clingy is the perfect fire extinguisher. It shows that you’re needy and you need someone's attention to survive. It also tells that you can’t start something fun on your own. I think a great recipe to enjoy a relationship is that you are both free to do both your own thing and meet halfway.

4. Does his or her own thing

Yes I somehow mentioned this already, but I’m adding it again because it is very important. A prospect partner should have something that he or she cares about. They should have at least a job that they care for (and not only complain about), they should have some goals or aspirations, and, of course, they’re at least trying to improve in one way or another.

Swag and beauty won’t last, you haven’t heard? It’s all over the net.

5. Shares the budget

We live in a liberated and modern world now where both men and women alike are able to take care of their finances. Don’t expect the guy to pay all the bills. But yeah, guys have the tendency to pay for stuff. But when you start to let your partner pay for mundane, unnecessary costs, then it goes downhill from there.

6. Thinks he or she is good looking

I don’t know, but I think this is a good ingredient to add in the mix. The partner should have at least a decent self-esteem especially when you’re hanging out together. Who would want to go out and date someone who’s not even comfortable under their skin? It would just make the both of you feel awkward.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be super pretty or sexy to feel this way, what matters is how you look at yourself and what your partner thinks about you, which should of course coincide. How on earth would they date you if you’re not, right?

7. Well groomed

It’s disrespectful to show up unkempt. Worse if you’re stinking.

8. One who plays it cool

Let’s face it. We’re living in a time where everyone changes partner like a pair of clothes. Expecting too much from your partner is actually risking too much. I mean, each should just play cool. Anyhow, you would be partners for long if the odds continue to be on both your side. Just play it cool.

9. One who loves genuinely

This might seem contrasting from number 8 but actually it has a big point. When in a relationship or when you already think you have found someone worth your time, I think they deserve all the love you can give. Not a love that is out of self-sacrifice but, instead, an enjoyable love.

Put it like loving a dog, loving without expecting them to really give all their love back-- you just love them for being them. I do believe that nothing is forever-made so why not spend each moment genuinely in love and enjoy every bit of the time in the relationship while it lasts?

10. Someone you can grow with

What you really want in a partner is someone you can grow with, and you only get that from someone who has a positive outlook not just in your relationship but also in life.

Maybe it’s just me, but people don’t have this characteristic these days. A lot seem to try to get a partner and be in a relationship not because they have something to offer but because they can’t just bear being alone in the world with everyone posting their “dinner date pictures” on Facebook looking sweet and all.

Try to think out of the box. Loving is loving per se. It’s an action that one ought to give, a positive energy ought to be shared, and something that is supposed to be a blessing. I think I should end with this.

What do you think? Can you add more things to look in a partner? Share your thoughts below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe on the right to not miss any post from this blog on your email. Interested in stock market? Read about the stock market blog series.
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