Six Sure Ways To Make People Like You

Six Sure Ways To Make People Like You
It’s been weeks since you started your job. But there’s this one thing that’s bothering you. You wonder why you haven’t met new friends or why some people seem to avoid you. You feel this and it eventually gets in the way with your work. You may notice people leaving you alone, it seems that no one cares if you exist or not. So there goes your regular days, attending your shift like a zombie, eating alone, and going home on your own (this might be on the extreme but you get the point). Then you notice everything becomes dull and meaningless. Are you to blame? I’d say yes, for most part.

You might be like the person above. If so, these tips you are about to read is for you. What if you find out sure-fire ways to make people like you? You might not consider this as of any importance but having a fine social life, of having people around happy to see you, actually makes life a lot better, meaningful, and colorful.

After reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, I am eager to share the timeless lessons to you! Let’s start with the first one.

1. Become genuinely interested with people

If you are genuinely interested with people, you tend to appreciate them and what they do. It’s more probable that if you like people, you like yourself as well. We are fans of someone at one time in our life. Discovering the reasons why you like these idols actually help. It shows, in one way or another, the people who we want to become.

2. Always make a good impression

You’d be amazed to learn that people can tell if you are likeable or not in just as little as 2 seconds! That’s right! Now, what can you possibly do in such a short time to impress people? Actually, there’s a lot. For one, it mostly involves body language. Exhibiting that you are confident and worth anyone’s time is the secret. So you better stand tall and avoid looking down or slouching.

There’s also another technique that works all the time to win a good impression. It’s smiling. Smile can brighten another’s day and it’s very welcoming. So smile.

3. Remember names

Here’s a quote from the book, “Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Treat people’s names as instant uplifters. Make an effort to remember names when you meet them the first time. Ask their name again if you forget. On your next meeting, especially when it is by chance, surprise them by addressing them with their first names. It works like a charm and it instantly makes that person like you.

4. Truly listen

When we converse with others, we are usually overwhelmed with our life that we end up talking mostly only about ourselves. People tend to hate anyone who talks only about their own struggles and problems at home, what they ate yesterday, what they think of TV shows, and so on. It pays to listen yet the rewards are tenfold. Once you intently and genuinely listen to others, they will feel that you are interested with them. Try this out especially when you are just making new friends. Listen to their story, ask questions, and only share when they ask. Don’t worry if you think they won’t stop talking. Eventually, they’ll get tired of talking, that’s the cue for you to talk just for a bit. As you do this, the other won’t help it but like you.

5. Talk about their interest

Now that you truly listen, you may want to add another ingredient in the mix. Talk about their interests. Do a bit of research and know their likes and interests. You don’t have to know everything about the subject matter, just know a thing or two. Even just by asking questions about it can already lead to a meaningful and fun conversation. They’ll feel that you are someone they can freely talk with since you both seem to have the same interest.

6. Make them feel important

Now for the last tip, make sure you make the other person feel important and appreciated. Not in a flattery way, but in a genuine way. You can do this by complementing on what they tried to change in their appearance, since it’s the most obvious. However, you can find thousand more ways to show this. This can be through commending their work and effort in the office and so on. A little “you’ve done a great job with how you made that last call,” could mean everything to them.

There goes the six sure-fire ways to make people like you and to win more friends. As you can see, they are pretty doable. With just a little practice, I’m almost certain that you’ll have a meaningful and colorful social life compared before.
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