Why You Need To Have These Positive Manifestos

Why You Need To Have These Positive Manifestos
Fake it till you make it. Law of attraction. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. I’m pretty sure you have heard all of these before. You might not believe in any of them. But there’s a tinge of truth seemingly hidden in its glory, which I can attest.

If you allow me, I want to share a bit of my experience. Let’s call it the power of desktop background. But you know what? Let’s start with the very root of all this or should I say the first time i chance upon the concept.

It all started from when I read a book back in high school. So that’s around seven years ago. The book is a story of a boy who wants to meet the guy who can turn metal to gold. (If you don't want to be spoiled about the book, stop reading this and read the book first. Don't care? Then go ahead.) It became an obsession for him. He left home, searched far and wide, traveled across seas, and went to the desert. He met a lot of people each bringing their unique lessons. After a long journey, he finally meets the guy who has such ability. However, it was not the point of it all, in fact the guy actually just told the boy that he already knew the answer, that he has the secret. Confused, he realized that the journey was a failure -- he didn’t know any secret or learned any skill, especially the one he hoped for, which is to turn metal into gold. Crestfallen, he went home, and there he found something remarkable, the treasure he had sought for was just at home, the point where he started -- all along it was indeed within him.

The connection

I don’t know if you could see a connection (or if I made a good job telling the story), but actually what I want to show is my view on how law of attraction works. It is mostly the genuine interest to seek for something greater, to ask for more, and ultimately, to know that you deserve the treasure you’ve been longing for.

I didn’t fully appreciate the book until the year 2011. This is where the desktop background comes in. I had a dream of buying my dream guitar and my first laptop with my own efforts and money. I started dreaming and when I had a vision of its probability, I fortified it by changing the desktop background of my windows pc back then. Then miracles happened.

I started with first placing my dream guitar as the background (the exact model and color). Few months later, I came up with the money and eagerly ordered it online from the US. Not bad? But I still can’t get enough and tested it with my dream laptop, a 15-inch MacBook pro. It was a bold move, but I made it. I came up with the amount to purchase the item in just three months. Call it a hyper-beast mode or extreme sacrifice but I made it, and I strongly believe that changing the desktop background played a big role in it. That’s law of attraction.

We need to be consistently reminded

You see, we just need to be reminded of what we want in life. I noticed that people tend to be forgetful. We make promises but we usually forget about them. That is why being constantly reminded and continuously fanning the flame make things into reality. I’m no expert in this, and I may be wrong, but this is my clearest picture on the law of attraction, of the fake it until you make it. And the big thing for anyone, is that anyone can apply it and receive abundance!

In connection to all that, this brings me to the cream of this post: the manifestos. I know I bored you with the long introduction, but I think it was necessary. So yes, a dear friend of mine shared these manifestos a few days back, and I just think of sharing the file to everyone reading this blog. I only picked the ones that apply to me, since the file contains various manifestos. I think this could help a lot of people out there. On my end, I think it could be a good addition to the many reminders I set for myself about what I really want to attract in this life. 

How to apply the manifestos?

How it works? Well, you got to read it everyday, preferably first thing in the morning. Think of it as taking vitamins. Actually, if you get the idea, you can create your own manifestos.

Believe me, it’s positivity at its max! Having these positive manifestos and practicing law of attraction are pretty much better than demanding and complaining. Positive reminders give hope. A hope for a better tomorrow, and that’s the best we can ask from our selves. 

Here’s the file that contains the positive manifestos in this dropbox link. If you don’t have a dropbox yet, then you should consider having one.

By the way, the book I talked about was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  Thanks for reading!

The Two Most Important Things To Master In Life

The Two Most Important Things To Master In Life
I recently attended one of John Calub’s seminar. I don’t know if you heard about this guy, but he actually claims to be the number one financial coach here in the Philippines. I’d like to share one of the best lessons that caught my attention during this particular seminar. He claims that he got this valuable lesson from his mentors. He even added that he wished he learned these things early in life. This is about the two most important things to master in life.

You might be surprised that the two things to master in life are not to become a skilful worker or to become a great businessman. They are actually simple and seemingly ordinary things. Without further talk, the two most important things to master in life are: communication and finance.


Communication is the first thing that people should be skilled with. In fact, John strongly implied that this should be mastered first and finance will come after naturally. You might wonder why communication is so important. At first hearing this, I kind of have the idea already but I never thought that it would be so important that it holds to be the secret of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world.

I accepted that communication is indeed a key to success. Take it from master communicators and speakers, such as Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Steve Jobs (who by the way sells products with products not even released yet), and so on. These people never had anything in them (at the beginning) except their ability to communicate clearly. They had this “charisma” that makes people, as if under a charm, to like them.

Most of them are so good at communicating that people actually pay for them just to talk or listen to them. And were not just talking about cheap stuff here, some of them costs thousands or even millions of dollars an hour! I couldn’t imagine such amount can be paid just for them to talk or share their beliefs.

If you are still not convinced about the gravity of communication to anyone, then think harder. You may easily cite an instance so familiar to us. I’m going ahead and point that all conflicts in the world are due to miscommunication. The “unique” views of people or a party that are not clearly explained to another party or nation is a breeding ground for conflicts, which may lead to war and other devastating things.

To go further, it could also be a reason why broken relationships happen. If you think of it, most breakups are caused by the lack of open communication with two people. The ceasing of communication puts up a wall between each one. This wall then becomes impermeable and unbearable leaving both with no choice but to drift away.

Certainly, this could also be applied to people involved in businesses, those who have authority, those who owned companies and heads of their own league. These people may not have reached so much without the ability to communicate well. You’ll discover that they actually get what they want in some way, even if the person they talked to have different views. It’s interesting, really! Good communicators “always” get what they want.  Furthermore, as they find a way around it, they are instead “liked,” and this is exactly how they earn more than the average.


Honestly, John mostly focused on communication since the topic of the seminar was “persuasion.” However, I feel obliged to discuss a bit about finance, perhaps in my own little way.

Every time I think about finance or consider the thought of it, there’s always one person that comes into mind. That is Robert Kiyosaki. His book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” changed my views about money and finance in general. It’s amazing that you can actually manage your finance by having a clear distinction of assets and liabilities. Of course, to be financially successful, you will have to focus on building your assets over time. I'm starting to follow this concept by buying stocks and other assets as early as now, I mean there's nothing too early for anything. Also, I strongly recommend that you read the book if you haven’t yet.

There you go with the two things to master in life. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two. Don’t worry, I’ll be joining a lot more seminars in the future and I wouldn’t fail to share to you what I learn here in this blog. 

Why We Easily Spend Money?

Why We Easily Spend Money
This post is not for everyone. I mean if you already know how to manage your money and really save up, then kudos to you for doing a great job!  But for the rest of us who don’t seem to value money to an extent, or to those who don’t get why they are always broke and looking earnestly for the next pay day, then we might consider that we have a spending issue, which is the matter I wish to tackle in this post.

Money, as what I mentioned on a previous post, is a fickle thing. It disappears easily. We may ask the following: Why is that we lose money so easily? Why does it seem that we have no control of money? Instead, it’s the other way around that which money controls us. By asking these questions, we somehow see that money is alive. It may sound absurd but if money has a power to control us and is able to spends itself on its own, then it got to be alive.

To ponder on money as sort of a living thing is, rather, a grave matter. Imagine being controlled and always at the mercy of money. It’s like having a new set of parents dictating our every move. The point is this should not be the case. We should reconsider our concept of money.

The better concept(s) of Money

The concept of money is one we usually fail to consider. It is not just money for money’s sake. As you add value and meaning to money, you will gradually see it as something alive, and thus, it is one you can befriend or make an enemy with. Let me remind you that money as an enemy could overrule you once you give in, and it’s a type of ruler that has the power to enslave your time and needs.

So how can we befriend money and try to manage it? I may not be an expert or anything, and to be honest, I am quite amateur on this concept of money as well; however, with my years of research and discoveries, I have reached understandings that might be of real value, or if not, are still considered worthy of thoughts.

First is, money is everywhere

I remembered telling a friend that money is one of the most abundant resources today. I don’t exactly know what I meant at that time, but I solely based it on the fact that almost every single thing in this world already has a corresponding value. As you think of it, you can give a price of anything that you have right now, which includes your clothes, your computer, your house, your gadgets, and sometimes, even our selves. People seem to price everything. Viewing it in a positive light, money is certainly everywhere, and by that, it is quite abundant.

Money is hidden in each one's pockets

I also keep an idea that money is just in the pockets of people. If you stand in a crowd and ask them to lend or give you money (say 10 pesos) for a reasonable cause, I think most, if not everyone, of them have the amount and are willing to offer it.

This leads us to two points. First, people are actually willing to offer the money to you, especially if they like you or they think you are worthy of it. Second, scale this scenario up to a thousand or even millions of people and suddenly the “ten pesos” won’t be the tiny little penny you thought it was - you now accumulated thousands or even millions.

These two concepts, that money is abundant and people are willing to offer you money if you just do something that makes them to, unlocks a secret - the secret of managing, or even, making money.

The many ways to make money

There’s a lot of ways to obtain money from somebody else’s pocket. It could be in a form of investment. You should know that you could obtain money from companies, like what others do in stocks or Mutual Funds. It could also be in a form of business, like creating something that generates money such as selling goods, offering services and so on. Of course, there are many more ways, and it’s basically up to you if you want to make more money.

With these concepts, it won’t take long for you to develop an attitude that enables you to manage money and prevent it from controlling your life (I really hope it does). Money should stay at its rightful place, which is to kneel at your mercy and disposal.

I know that these thoughts of money might be too ideal or hard to imagine, but I don’t expect you to grasp everything, even I don’t grasp it, well, not that much yet. But at least, we somehow tried to think of the possibilities and thus (which I strongly believe) make us better in handling money.

Why Is It Important To Learn Many Things?

Guy Surfing
If you have all the time in the world, what new skills would you develop? In this world of ours, we have the opportunity to learn many things with the arguably short time allotted to us.

I always wonder how some people amass so many talents and skills in their life that it seems impossible with their age or their given time. Why is this when we have the same number of hours a day as the rest of the people in the world? Do they have special powers and all? (I definitely know that they don’t)

So I did a bit of research in regards to this. And first thing that comes to mind was to surround myself with people, mostly of my age, who fall under the category. There’s this one guy who knows how to play the guitar, sings, does video animation, also draw, and not to mention that he’s good at it. Another friend also has a good skill in writing, reading, has good philosophical views and works a rigid regular nurse shift. You might have a person in mind right now who is so talented or has so many skills, which you somehow envy.

As you consider them, we easily think that, ‘Hey I could do that too and devote time for those, if only I have more time,’ right? But let’s focus on the successful mature guys who are now running their businesses, being wealthy, and very much living the life. You can see that they're having those while being a family man, knowing how to cook, writing novels, speaking in public, helping and inspiring others at the same time. You can think of a lot of successful people who already are masters of their leagues yet still continue to flourish on other areas or aspects of life. I mean, how come Jordan be able to be a legend in basketball, and also be good at golf or baseball?

As I study these people, I saw a pattern. What I learned are that these guys have a strong desire to learn and improve their selves. I told myself, these are the ones that I want to follow. I mean, why not?

There’s definitely dozens of reasons why we should be like them. Among others, people with definite type of skills are more useful than those who have limited or no skills. Say for instance, you don't know how to drive, and a situation calls for it. How can you help a stranded group with a car but no one to drive? As you can see, those people who have the skills tend to be of more value for they are the ones who can actually offer something to society.

I don’t think it’s selfish or unfair at all. It’s a given that when you are of more value, people seek you, and in line with that, you can offer more help that leads to significant results in their lives. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a very grave matter to consider.

To learn many things, one essential recipe is to form a sort of “learning” habits. Forming habits requires time, not to mention consistency.  Say if you want to learn ju-jitsu, then you have to set aside time of the week and be consistent about it. In addition, successful people don’t neglect the skills and talents they already have and continue to use them on a regular basis (most of times, be in an environment that naturally enables them do so).

Of course, I don’t think the guys I’m talking about here procrastinate. Instead, they value their time more than anything in the world. I heard they’re good at saying 'No' - that’s going to be hard on my part.

Anyhow, I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours for one to be a master of something. This is an interesting study, which leads us to a conclusion that we just have to focus 8 hours a day for three and a half years to become a master.

Well, what do you know? We got ourselves a formula already. The point here is not to be masters of everything, but just to be good at some things, especially things that matter to you. Furthermore, it proves that there’s no reason that we can’t learn many things or eventually be good at them. Of course, as we value and manage our time, then there’s no stopping on what our potentials might be.

I don’t entirely believe the concept of “jack-of-all-trades master of none.” I think most part of it is a lie, and it only impedes people from trying. How can one be so sure that what your skills or education you have now are the right ones, when you haven’t really opened up to “a chunk” of the infinite things to learn out there? It does make sense. Openness to learn new things unconsciously molds us to what we want to become.

So I wish for you, in fact for everyone, to learn many more things in life and to be really someone of great value. Yes you are certainly valuable right now, but if there’s one thing that continuously grows, it’s definitely the room for improvement.

What are your views? Are you more inclined to learn new things now? Or would you rather let the world pass by? Share your thoughts below.