The Two Most Important Things To Master In Life

The Two Most Important Things To Master In Life
I recently attended one of John Calub’s seminar. I don’t know if you heard about this guy, but he actually claims to be the number one financial coach here in the Philippines. I’d like to share one of the best lessons that caught my attention during this particular seminar. He claims that he got this valuable lesson from his mentors. He even added that he wished he learned these things early in life. This is about the two most important things to master in life.

You might be surprised that the two things to master in life are not to become a skilful worker or to become a great businessman. They are actually simple and seemingly ordinary things. Without further talk, the two most important things to master in life are: communication and finance.


Communication is the first thing that people should be skilled with. In fact, John strongly implied that this should be mastered first and finance will come after naturally. You might wonder why communication is so important. At first hearing this, I kind of have the idea already but I never thought that it would be so important that it holds to be the secret of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world.

I accepted that communication is indeed a key to success. Take it from master communicators and speakers, such as Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Steve Jobs (who by the way sells products with products not even released yet), and so on. These people never had anything in them (at the beginning) except their ability to communicate clearly. They had this “charisma” that makes people, as if under a charm, to like them.

Most of them are so good at communicating that people actually pay for them just to talk or listen to them. And were not just talking about cheap stuff here, some of them costs thousands or even millions of dollars an hour! I couldn’t imagine such amount can be paid just for them to talk or share their beliefs.

If you are still not convinced about the gravity of communication to anyone, then think harder. You may easily cite an instance so familiar to us. I’m going ahead and point that all conflicts in the world are due to miscommunication. The “unique” views of people or a party that are not clearly explained to another party or nation is a breeding ground for conflicts, which may lead to war and other devastating things.

To go further, it could also be a reason why broken relationships happen. If you think of it, most breakups are caused by the lack of open communication with two people. The ceasing of communication puts up a wall between each one. This wall then becomes impermeable and unbearable leaving both with no choice but to drift away.

Certainly, this could also be applied to people involved in businesses, those who have authority, those who owned companies and heads of their own league. These people may not have reached so much without the ability to communicate well. You’ll discover that they actually get what they want in some way, even if the person they talked to have different views. It’s interesting, really! Good communicators “always” get what they want.  Furthermore, as they find a way around it, they are instead “liked,” and this is exactly how they earn more than the average.


Honestly, John mostly focused on communication since the topic of the seminar was “persuasion.” However, I feel obliged to discuss a bit about finance, perhaps in my own little way.

Every time I think about finance or consider the thought of it, there’s always one person that comes into mind. That is Robert Kiyosaki. His book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” changed my views about money and finance in general. It’s amazing that you can actually manage your finance by having a clear distinction of assets and liabilities. Of course, to be financially successful, you will have to focus on building your assets over time. I'm starting to follow this concept by buying stocks and other assets as early as now, I mean there's nothing too early for anything. Also, I strongly recommend that you read the book if you haven’t yet.

There you go with the two things to master in life. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two. Don’t worry, I’ll be joining a lot more seminars in the future and I wouldn’t fail to share to you what I learn here in this blog. 
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