Why You Need To Have These Positive Manifestos

Why You Need To Have These Positive Manifestos
Fake it till you make it. Law of attraction. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. I’m pretty sure you have heard all of these before. You might not believe in any of them. But there’s a tinge of truth seemingly hidden in its glory, which I can attest.

If you allow me, I want to share a bit of my experience. Let’s call it the power of desktop background. But you know what? Let’s start with the very root of all this or should I say the first time i chance upon the concept.

It all started from when I read a book back in high school. So that’s around seven years ago. The book is a story of a boy who wants to meet the guy who can turn metal to gold. (If you don't want to be spoiled about the book, stop reading this and read the book first. Don't care? Then go ahead.) It became an obsession for him. He left home, searched far and wide, traveled across seas, and went to the desert. He met a lot of people each bringing their unique lessons. After a long journey, he finally meets the guy who has such ability. However, it was not the point of it all, in fact the guy actually just told the boy that he already knew the answer, that he has the secret. Confused, he realized that the journey was a failure -- he didn’t know any secret or learned any skill, especially the one he hoped for, which is to turn metal into gold. Crestfallen, he went home, and there he found something remarkable, the treasure he had sought for was just at home, the point where he started -- all along it was indeed within him.

The connection

I don’t know if you could see a connection (or if I made a good job telling the story), but actually what I want to show is my view on how law of attraction works. It is mostly the genuine interest to seek for something greater, to ask for more, and ultimately, to know that you deserve the treasure you’ve been longing for.

I didn’t fully appreciate the book until the year 2011. This is where the desktop background comes in. I had a dream of buying my dream guitar and my first laptop with my own efforts and money. I started dreaming and when I had a vision of its probability, I fortified it by changing the desktop background of my windows pc back then. Then miracles happened.

I started with first placing my dream guitar as the background (the exact model and color). Few months later, I came up with the money and eagerly ordered it online from the US. Not bad? But I still can’t get enough and tested it with my dream laptop, a 15-inch MacBook pro. It was a bold move, but I made it. I came up with the amount to purchase the item in just three months. Call it a hyper-beast mode or extreme sacrifice but I made it, and I strongly believe that changing the desktop background played a big role in it. That’s law of attraction.

We need to be consistently reminded

You see, we just need to be reminded of what we want in life. I noticed that people tend to be forgetful. We make promises but we usually forget about them. That is why being constantly reminded and continuously fanning the flame make things into reality. I’m no expert in this, and I may be wrong, but this is my clearest picture on the law of attraction, of the fake it until you make it. And the big thing for anyone, is that anyone can apply it and receive abundance!

In connection to all that, this brings me to the cream of this post: the manifestos. I know I bored you with the long introduction, but I think it was necessary. So yes, a dear friend of mine shared these manifestos a few days back, and I just think of sharing the file to everyone reading this blog. I only picked the ones that apply to me, since the file contains various manifestos. I think this could help a lot of people out there. On my end, I think it could be a good addition to the many reminders I set for myself about what I really want to attract in this life. 

How to apply the manifestos?

How it works? Well, you got to read it everyday, preferably first thing in the morning. Think of it as taking vitamins. Actually, if you get the idea, you can create your own manifestos.

Believe me, it’s positivity at its max! Having these positive manifestos and practicing law of attraction are pretty much better than demanding and complaining. Positive reminders give hope. A hope for a better tomorrow, and that’s the best we can ask from our selves. 

Here’s the file that contains the positive manifestos in this dropbox link. If you don’t have a dropbox yet, then you should consider having one.

By the way, the book I talked about was The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  Thanks for reading!

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