Why Is It Important To Learn Many Things?

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If you have all the time in the world, what new skills would you develop? In this world of ours, we have the opportunity to learn many things with the arguably short time allotted to us.

I always wonder how some people amass so many talents and skills in their life that it seems impossible with their age or their given time. Why is this when we have the same number of hours a day as the rest of the people in the world? Do they have special powers and all? (I definitely know that they don’t)

So I did a bit of research in regards to this. And first thing that comes to mind was to surround myself with people, mostly of my age, who fall under the category. There’s this one guy who knows how to play the guitar, sings, does video animation, also draw, and not to mention that he’s good at it. Another friend also has a good skill in writing, reading, has good philosophical views and works a rigid regular nurse shift. You might have a person in mind right now who is so talented or has so many skills, which you somehow envy.

As you consider them, we easily think that, ‘Hey I could do that too and devote time for those, if only I have more time,’ right? But let’s focus on the successful mature guys who are now running their businesses, being wealthy, and very much living the life. You can see that they're having those while being a family man, knowing how to cook, writing novels, speaking in public, helping and inspiring others at the same time. You can think of a lot of successful people who already are masters of their leagues yet still continue to flourish on other areas or aspects of life. I mean, how come Jordan be able to be a legend in basketball, and also be good at golf or baseball?

As I study these people, I saw a pattern. What I learned are that these guys have a strong desire to learn and improve their selves. I told myself, these are the ones that I want to follow. I mean, why not?

There’s definitely dozens of reasons why we should be like them. Among others, people with definite type of skills are more useful than those who have limited or no skills. Say for instance, you don't know how to drive, and a situation calls for it. How can you help a stranded group with a car but no one to drive? As you can see, those people who have the skills tend to be of more value for they are the ones who can actually offer something to society.

I don’t think it’s selfish or unfair at all. It’s a given that when you are of more value, people seek you, and in line with that, you can offer more help that leads to significant results in their lives. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a very grave matter to consider.

To learn many things, one essential recipe is to form a sort of “learning” habits. Forming habits requires time, not to mention consistency.  Say if you want to learn ju-jitsu, then you have to set aside time of the week and be consistent about it. In addition, successful people don’t neglect the skills and talents they already have and continue to use them on a regular basis (most of times, be in an environment that naturally enables them do so).

Of course, I don’t think the guys I’m talking about here procrastinate. Instead, they value their time more than anything in the world. I heard they’re good at saying 'No' - that’s going to be hard on my part.

Anyhow, I read somewhere that it takes 10,000 hours for one to be a master of something. This is an interesting study, which leads us to a conclusion that we just have to focus 8 hours a day for three and a half years to become a master.

Well, what do you know? We got ourselves a formula already. The point here is not to be masters of everything, but just to be good at some things, especially things that matter to you. Furthermore, it proves that there’s no reason that we can’t learn many things or eventually be good at them. Of course, as we value and manage our time, then there’s no stopping on what our potentials might be.

I don’t entirely believe the concept of “jack-of-all-trades master of none.” I think most part of it is a lie, and it only impedes people from trying. How can one be so sure that what your skills or education you have now are the right ones, when you haven’t really opened up to “a chunk” of the infinite things to learn out there? It does make sense. Openness to learn new things unconsciously molds us to what we want to become.

So I wish for you, in fact for everyone, to learn many more things in life and to be really someone of great value. Yes you are certainly valuable right now, but if there’s one thing that continuously grows, it’s definitely the room for improvement.

What are your views? Are you more inclined to learn new things now? Or would you rather let the world pass by? Share your thoughts below.
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