Random Acts Of Kindness, Senseless Acts Of Beauty

Random Acts Of Kindness Senseless Acts Of Beauty
“Random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty” has been one of the alluring concepts I’ve encountered in this life. I would like to share how this concept might change your life in little ways.

But first, we should understand the reason behind kindness. The word itself lets me imagine opening a box of questions. Questions like: What is kindness, really? Does the world deserve kindness? Do people really return favors? Do we do something beautiful even nobody notices it? These and so on…

I’ll be honest, I considered myself as a selfish person. It seems that being selfish is my second nature. I want to grab all the attention, I want to win so badly, I try to be right so hard that I don’t mind what people feel. This is pretty much the story of my life well, for a while. I’m very much hopeful that one day I’ll totally liberate myself from that image.

Here’s the thing, after a few seminars and books, I realize that there’s no point in being selfish. We live in a world shared by everybody. No one can really be at the top. No one could really win all the time. Once we think selfishly and pursue our selfish desires, everything becomes more like a pursuit to nothing. Selfishness leads to emptiness.

On the other hand, I realized that kindness is one aspect that solves a lot of problems for human race. A few benefits you might have thought are reconciliation, courtesy, and prevention of conflicts. But there are actually more.

Kindness to others can actually cure depression, a study show. Kindness to ourselves helps us cope and become a better person. Kindness to the world, somehow (sometimes in ways that we don’t see) returns kindness to our lives as well. This is something really important.

Kindness is beauty in every aspect

Genuine kindness is one that we do good things and not think of any reward.  If you ever tried giving without asking anything in return then you may have experienced the miracle of kindness.

Now this concept of random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty is a practical method that helps everyone become a better person. I’m not saying it’s rocket science, but I do believe that a few episodes of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty makes people feel that they are a part of something - a communion of contribution.

How it works?

One can do random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty just by doing things out of the blue. Paying a fair for and old person or a blind person is one. It could be hugging your mom before going out or as a surprise first thing in the morning. It could even be treating someone for lunch just because you’re happy that he/she is part of your life.

I don’t aim to change the world. My voice wouldn’t be loud enough anyway. But I do know that I can help one or two people in a week or perhaps even just one person in a month. It might not matter to me, it might not even matter to you, but it could mean the world to that one person.

From what I understand, we should never stop believing in the goodness of people and of the world in general. Sharing and being kind just to let others know they matter is one of the best things we can offer to this world.  I’m starting to believe this is one of the reasons why we’re here to begin with.

Anyhow, what are your random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty that you made recently or that you think you might be able to do? Share it in the comments below.

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