What I Learned From Using An Old Computer For Work

Old Computer For Work
Life is full of surprises!

So I just got this laptop back after a month. It cost me a lot just for the repairs. But the results were ironically pleasant.

It was not that I was so happy my Mac is back, but because of the experience. It was inevitable to use my old desktop. Who would have thought I get things done with an old dual core, Windows 7,  2 gigabytes of RAM computer bought four years ago.

But for me using an old desktop and feeling miserable is not the point. Actually, a lot of surprises and blessings just kept on coming ever since that minor fallback. In just three weeks I improved my professionalism (in a great extent), my pay, my jobs, and even how I manage time.

I just thought of sharing this to anyone who experienced a misfortune before. If you are interested to tag along, then ere are the things that I learned from using an old computer for work.

It made me time conscious

Now with all my productivity apps gone, like Promodoro timers, I tried to adapt on the desktop. And you know what? I actually discovered something better than what I’ve been using.

I always thought I had the best program for that since I always consider I’m on a better OS (I know that's a stupid way of thinking). But this specific program for Promodoro is ten times better.

If you’re wondering what Promodoro timer is, it’s basically a productivity timer that promotes 25 minutes of focus and 5 minutes interval and somehow a longer break after four or segments.

I have been using this ever since I worked online. But I just used simple timers before and do the intervals manually. I just didn’t notice that a lot of apps have been developed for it. Now, instead of just manually adding my list of targets from an excel file, I just type in everything in the program enabling me to check those I’ve done. It's simple, automatic, and sleek.

This simple discovery allowed me to see “the big picture” on where my day is headed. It’s a perfect way to meet goals and sleep better at night -- knowing I had a productive day.

I don’t sleep with work anymore

Now, I no longer sleep with my laptop. I usually do (or so I think I do) some last minute work in bed, which usually ends up instead with browsing, reading manga, or watching a movie. 

But now that I find it impossible to bring the desktop upstairs, I make sure I finish all my work before deciding to go to my room. This means that the only activity I do in bed is sleep, with some exceptions if I decide to read a book or have some late night phone calls with a chick (in my dreams LoL).

It gave me more ways to earn

I ended up having excess time than usual -- even with doing a full-time online job. It started when I became I lot more focused on my tasks at hand. Since I can’t open numerous programs and tabs on the browser, I tend to finish tasks in time. It’s a relatively small realization, but its benefits are tenfold. I’m even applying this principle even though I’m with my laptop now.

I never understood the beauty of clarity and a de-cluttered workspace on the computer not until now.

Furthermore, in one of my reads, I discovered that time is money, and money is time. In short, if one appreciates their own time and focus on productive tasks, then money will come along. Hopefully, I’m on the right track.

man juggling

It made me see the beauty of versatility

I could say that I could work on both OS efficiently now. It’s easy to change function keys.

I read one research that changing the way you do things may help in developing both sides of the brain. So I try to change mouse scrolls, which I do differently depending on the OS. Also, the keys are naturally different. 

Of course, this concept of developing the brain is not only limited to using a computer. I heard from Bernard Marquez from one Truly Rich Club Mentor talk, that you could even learn juggling for you to develop your brain and creativity. You never know you might see me juggling on the streets.

With all these experiences, it made me see the beauty of versatility, of trying out new things, of not being afraid of changes and so on. It’s amazing!

I found beauty in everything

The most important lesson I learned is probably the appreciation of things that we have already thrown or neglected. I realized that everything we have right now was at some point “brand new.” This also means that there were once a time when we were so glad to have them.

Stepping back and appreciating these old things made me realize that I got so much more. And I don’t really need fancy things to live or to earn. I just need what’s necessary.

I guess this holds true to all as well. We don’t need the fancy looking car, the latest smartphones, and the cool gadgets. We just need the simple and basic things to appreciate life.

One step forward, two steps back.

Lastly, I realized that a fallback is not entirely a failure. Yes I may have worried at first on where to find thirty thousand pesos to pay for the repairs. I managed to borrow a credit card from my dad, which pretty much gave me a month deadline. Also, I never wanted to use any of my savings.

Now, I’m glad to have come up with the money (basically jobs and sidelines that allow me to pay) in just two weeks. It’s crazy! But once you see that fallbacks are just there to tell you that you can do more, you just discovered a cookie jar or some sort. You know. It’s just an ugly mask of beautiful things.

I’d like to say that I have better perspectives these past few days. I think I can face life with most kinds of failure. I tend to worry less and fear less. I figured out there’s nothing really stopping you from doing something if you truly just go for it. And God or the universe will provide the path to you.

In relevance to my programming projects, I can see that any device is fine. It’s the core work that matters. Also, we’re never going to be ready, we just have to keep on moving forward and we’ll figure it all out, in a way, once we’re out there hustling.

I do know that this is quite a subjective post. I just thought of sharing how grateful I am for the fallbacks in life. This old computer among others has brought me wisdom in some way.
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