We all want to sleep and dream of things that are unreal. Why would we want to dream more? Is reality that harsh? Questions spinning around. Is life so real? Is there no more room for dreams in the real world? Questions that I spun around..

There are times when we feel down and all. There would be times that we want to sleep, rather than be awake. Still, we are here in this world to stay awake and watch the world unfolds. But if our eyes are weary, then should we close them and dream about the other world of fantasy?

While closing our eyes everything becomes dark. But our mind makes the picture, and put colors to it. A beautiful fantasy world unfolds. Opening our eyes would only make us see the imperfect world. Stained with everything. We see people hurting other people. We see suffering, sacrifice, and sadness. Should we close our eyes just because everything is perfect when we close them?

Yet, when we think about it, we can't see beauty if we close our eyes. We see the beauty of the world, amidst its imperfectness. It is with eyes wide open that we see people loving one another despite a world of suffering. When we open our eyes more, we can actually help people, we may able to reach out to them, and put color in their lives.. If we open our eyes, we see the people living in the world as who they are.

So if only dreams become real. If only reality entangles fantasy. But the thing is, it won't. So would we rather sleep and never wake up? No, let's open our eyes and grow..


Dig Deeper

We are here in this world as treasure hunters. We seek and discover new things to get the treasures of happiness, of contentment and pleasure. Sometimes we forget what is our purpose, and "why we are here".

Don't wait for tomorrow to begin. We don't need to wait for summer, if it's still winter. Believe in yourself and your potential. You outgrow your warmth within and spread the spirit. Try to spread your wings and spirit and reach other people along the way. For sure summer breeze will arise.

Do good and be good. Spread the treasures of the mind. Knowledge, art, ideas, and love, these treasures of the mind would not only help you grow, but could be the instrument to build a better world.

Dig deeper in helping others. Dig deeper in loving yourself. Dig deeper and find the treasure that you're looking for. Dig deeper for better things, and never give up.



What is happiness? Why can't people be happy all the time? Is happiness bought? Given? or taken? These questions are the most trivial of all. Many people thrive to seek the answer and ventured. Some say "life is a game" I wondered if the prize of the game is "happiness".

I wished that happiness is just a physical thing that we can carry. We can catch. We can take care of and we can hold on to forever..

But if happiness is such a thing, then we also have the choice to throw it, break it, leave it and destroy it.. That is the answer to my question of why it is not made into a thing.

I venture to seek for happiness as well. I couldn't grasp its totally yet. But whatever it takes people are bound to be sad at times, bound to be insatiable.. Why do we ask for more? Why do we crave for something that we could never get? Why can't we be contented?

So if happiness is temporary, so if we need to have sadness in order to appreciate happiness "then should i be happy because of sadness?"



Giving is loving and receiving as well. The more you love the world, the people surrounding you, the more you connect with yourself. Life is a wonderful journey. Try to open your eyes to the beautiful world.

Love yourself then love others. Give more to yourself and give more to others. Love your brothers and sisters and you also love yourself more. See, we are all connected in life. We came from the same body, we came from the same blood.

See through the soul's eyes. And truly care for the thing that is inside. Love unconditionally and live in a perfect world.

Never Give up

Ask and you Shall Receive. If you truly asked the Lord for something then you should never give up on it. He will decide when He will give it to you.

But still if He is the all loving God, once He see what your heart really wants. Then maybe, He will give it right away. It is always better not to give up!


Problems are blessings. A kid told me once. That is quite a nice thing to say coming from a kid. Come to think about it. What a nice thing if problems are indeed blessings. How come such a worrying thing becomes a blessing?

But as i realize how the world moves and how God wants us to see the world. Problems are inseparable with our lives. We are destined to live life, and life is always attached to time, problems, and death.

But we are here in this world to grow. I've realized that in order to grow we need to step up, stand, walk and run. One way of stepping up, of standing and running is to face the challenges of life.. and that includes problems.

Now as I see this kind of perspective.. Problems are there to make us grow. We can't be somebody without them. It urges us to make decisions in life. Somehow, problems could indeed be blessings. The kid could be right. God gave us problems to help us grow. He doesn't want us to stay in one position or location.

Problems are there to bend our knees towards him not to break our backs.
Think about it. and maybe someday we would all thank God for our problems.

time to relax

A person should learn how to relax. In life, stress may come our way. In order to negate stress, we should relax and think of all the positive thinks in our life. Life is a much more beautiful picture when viewed that way.

Thinking negative means thinking sad and hopeless. To reach more and to feel better means to think positive. Try to put into mind all the blessings that you have. And always remember to be good.

Doing good brings good karma. Absorb the good energy and the light would surround you. Give more and receive more. Sow more and reap more.


Awareness and Leadership

Had my first day of PALS seminar and I kinda learned a lot of things. I'm not going to discuss much of anything though. What's awesome about it is that I could relate it with the networking business.

Learnings for today: Not all people are the same, we are basically divided in to 4 domains of personalities. The controller, the supporter, the promoter and the analyst. Somehow, we  have dominant characteristics within us. With this in mind, we should have different ways on how to handle and approach them.

Among these groups, the controller and the promoter are the risk takers. I thought of myself as a promoter. Promoter and Controller are the risk takers. But I really don't think I'm much of a risk taker though. I also analyze stuff first before I actually join them, so maybe I could consider myself a bit of an analyst. By the way, analyst read the manuals first before engaging. They plan and think almost all the time, and can be very systematic. The controllers are the one's who are quite dominant and wants to get things the way they want it to be.

In this network marketing business, I need both supporters and also promoters. But definitely not controllers and analyst, well analyst can be but not to the point that the opportunity slipped away just because of over analyzing.Supporters on the other hand, are easy to recruit but hard to make them commit, they very much need a leap of faith to join or to risk their assets. Unfortunately, a negative tendency of supporters is that they don't have much guts to take control of the business, they might be afraid to venture out and "sell" the product since they are quite the "buyer" type of people.

Though I might say that the best for this job are the promoters, this could also be wrong. Basically, promoters are the one who aren't afraid to find great ideas in "selling" the product. They could be great risk takers as well.

But still, empowering people and making them see what your point of view is the best strategy. Never give up on people and most importantly never cease to continue spreading the good news.


(selling doesn't mean selling physical products, it means that it is an attitude where they usually suggest something like ideas on to other people)


Understand that not all people would love you or like you. We all have different things and we see different things and stuff. Free will made us like this. I could see the importance of whatever thing I'm doing but the others might not. What I'm saying is, like music, we have different preferences and genres.

The same goes with life, we can never force someone to like us. Instead we should let them see the beauty of what we are. But still, no matter how pretty, how attractive or how interesting you are only a percentage of the people around you would really like you. "They always have negative things to say." Some even try hard to find your negatives. I read once in the net that it's around 20% of all the people surrounding you would, most likely, not be interested with you.

-writing anything

Photos on the Wall

Photos on the wall

stories they could tell
or they could sell
show me that you understand
indent and reach my hand
the sound of food
the color of music 
why is life kept to ourselves?
but the stillness captured?
imagine black and white
to the places of hue
walking up the rainbow?
either joy or such sorrow
I’m trying to be what you are
clinging on walls but located afar
hopes that you portray
for faces that needs to stay
will children and the old?
reminisce and hold
happiness, sweetness, colors!
threads, surprises! spices,
salt and black pepper, to blue water
petty chefs, dressed in white
a food for the soul..

(picture taken using our new pl 151 ^_^)
@romamia ayala center Cebu


Excerpt from the Actual Stocks Update March 2013

Just don't mind the paragraphs on this page. Focus on the table below. This is the SAM table as of March 13, 2013. If you don't know about SAM yet, read this first.

As you can see on the header, we have stock, current price, buy below price, target price, action to take. Here's how each signifies:

Stock - is the list  of SAM stocks that you can invest to. It listed in stock codes

Current Price - this is the exact amount per share of the stock indicated basing on the date (March 13, 2013). This varies every minute and each day.

Buy Below Price - this is very important. Only buy when shares cost below the price indicated.

Target price - this is the right price to sell. (If you stick to buying while price is under buy below price, then you will get good gains once you sell on the right price) As a member for a year now, I've seen stocks reach their target price as predicted.

Action to take - this tells you what to do and special instructions like the one on the last of the list.

I left two values in the table to give you a distinct example on why one is advised as continue buying and the other stop buying for now. You can see on the third company, the current price is higher than the buy below price. This indicates that you stop buying for now and continue buying once you get the amount lesser than the buy below. The second on the list indicates a good opportunity to buy shares of the company.

Learn more about Philippines stock market.