What is happiness? Why can't people be happy all the time? Is happiness bought? Given? or taken? These questions are the most trivial of all. Many people thrive to seek the answer and ventured. Some say "life is a game" I wondered if the prize of the game is "happiness".

I wished that happiness is just a physical thing that we can carry. We can catch. We can take care of and we can hold on to forever..

But if happiness is such a thing, then we also have the choice to throw it, break it, leave it and destroy it.. That is the answer to my question of why it is not made into a thing.

I venture to seek for happiness as well. I couldn't grasp its totally yet. But whatever it takes people are bound to be sad at times, bound to be insatiable.. Why do we ask for more? Why do we crave for something that we could never get? Why can't we be contented?

So if happiness is temporary, so if we need to have sadness in order to appreciate happiness "then should i be happy because of sadness?"

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