I’m A Year Old Member Of Truly Rich Club

Time flies so fast that I’ve already invested in the stock market for a year already. I know it’s such a short time in relevance to my long-term goal of investing for 20 years. Nonetheless, I couldn’t have made it without the help of Mr. Bo Sanchez and the Truly Rich Club. I’m basically a year old as well with the club since it’s my principal aid in trading with stocks back when I was (still am now) a newbie. I’d just like to share my experience, some of the key points I learned over the months, and an interesting present that you might want to check out.

Thank you Truly Rich Club

Truly Rich Club is probably the first financial advisor of my life. Although the club is aimed primarily at educating members on financial freedom, I was essentially interested with the stock updates only. You should know that for a complete beginner as I, the club was one of those that opened my eyes on the benefits of investing. Though I’m a fan of investing way before I was a member, I appreciate the club’s unique approach, especially the emphasis on thanking the provider for the blessings, also having a positive mindset on most things.

Bo is a magnet. You can easily sense the beautiful person that he is through his newsletter and God Whisper, where he provides members regular quotes that keeps one uplifted. A person who constantly needs positivity may benefit a lot from this. He is also quite transparent with everything especially when it comes to stocks. He shares to you his trades and thoughts on what to buy and when to buy, as well as when to hold or sell. This is basically the reason why I joined the club. However, I have to admit that I appreciate the other bonuses included, such as the video seminars where you can catch up with Bo’s talk and ideas as if you are joining (and paying) those exclusive seminars.

So for a year, even if I were investing 497 pesos each month to become a member, I’d say I’m grateful for the club. The club definitely has a huge role on this investment journey of mine.

What I learned over the year

There are a lot of things I learned about the stock market in just a year. If you would think closely, I’m still a baby to this investment stuff. To add, I’m not even doing my part of research on stocks and how it really works, even not fully exploring the online broker COL financial. I acted as any regular club member would: put up a certain amount of money on a regular basis, preferably monthly, and buy the stocks as recommended by the stocks update from the club. It’s pretty much investing by being spoon-fed. That’s exactly what happened to me, well, for the most part.

Just recently however, a crash happened to the market and from all greens (positive gains ranging from 15 percent to 40 percent) my portfolio all went down to reds (negatives). This came as a shock to me, but nonetheless, a great learning experience. I learned that stock market is indeed unpredictable. I also learned, that the club does not predict much of anything too. So it’s quite a risk to day-trade where you buy and sell on a regular basis. It made me realize the valuable method of buying consistently during a low price and selling when it is high, while still setting both eyes on the end goal, which is long term. Keeping in mind that this sway is temporary and an overall upward trend is prominent when you look at the big picture. Exactly what the SAM method of the Club is doing. I would say I learned a lot and I’m expecting more of this wild coaster ride. If you should know, it’s a perfect time to buy stocks. 

Spreading the Blessings

As a member, I always tried to spread the benefits of being part of the club. I even started a blog series on stock market and about the club to give ideas to people on how the club works. Though I also understand those who are unable to invest 500 pesos a month or basically about 6000 pesos a year to be a member. I mean who would pay for something big and risking when we have our own bills and other expenses to worry, right? But this doesn’t stop me in spreading the blessings. In fact, I have something to offer you just to help you see and appreciate the benefits of the club.

If you are interested, I will email to you, without any strings attached, the previous stocks updates from the preceding months. This I may seem kind of unfair to the other members but I strongly consider this a huge help for people who are still hesitant just because they have zero idea on the matter. I’d like to share probably one or two, of course with confidentiality (I trust you on this), previous stock updates. It doesn’t have to be a recent one. It will probably be a three-month old update. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what to expect from the club, on how the email looks like, and how you can see yourself benefitting from it. If you are interested with this offer, you can just email me. I’d try my best to respond to you and share to you this opportunity once I see you fit. Also, try to check the recommended online broker.

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully you learn a thing or two. Don’t forget to message me on this page if you are interested with my offer, and I'd really appreciate if you help spread this. I’m hopeful that I won’t get hate comments from other club members who think otherwise. Haha! 
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