The Secret Of Getting Results Now

The Secret Of Getting Results Now
If you’re reading this post, then I’m afraid to say that you are wasting time. I know it’s crazy but almost everything we do is wasting time, even our jobs. If what you’re doing right now is not something related to your dreams or aspirations, or specifically what Stephen Covey refers as Quadrant 2 (non-urgent important things), then you are, in a way, wasting time. What you want is to get results in things that matter in your life.

It’s important to ask these questions first: Are you not achieving any of your goals? Do you have any goals at all or have you yielded in neglecting them? Any desires to lose weight lately, finish a project, or start something interesting in your life? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s likely that you’re still in point A. This post will share to you the secret of getting results now, the secret in getting to point B.

The right time is now

There’s never going to be a perfect time for anything. Don’t wait for the sunshine to come. Achievers carry their own weather.  It doesn't matter if they are in a rot or euphoria. The thing is they show up. Showing up is 80 percent of the job already (or was it 90 percent?). It doesn't matter. The first step is usually the hardest thing to do and it blinds us. The secret? Just do it, and don’t worry if it works or not. Just make the first step, just show up. Somehow, everything makes sense after that.

Break the problem into segments

Almost everything in this world is divisible. It’s not just protons and neutrons that are divided into quarks, but also our problems and tasks. Get rid of the cramming and “overnight solution” schemes. It will only lead to substandard outcomes. The best way is to divide your goal into small digestible segments.

The word is “overwhelmed.” We have a tendency to see the big problems of our lives as overwhelming. The moment you break them into small pieces, you realize that they’re no longer the huge Goliath you primarily feared of. Furthermore, it’s also easier for you to ask help from someone on small details of the problem rather than the whole thing. Think about it.

Time yourself

Valuing time is the key to almost everything. I use the Promodoro technique with my tasks. It helps me in achieving my mini goals and keeps me focused, at the same time, prevents me from getting burned out.
Once you segmented the problem and added a “time element” to it, it becomes something else. It is now more like a challenge. A better perspective is seeing the whole thing as a game that you can easily win.  

However, setting specific amount of time may not always end up with finishing or hitting your targets in a day. I’d say don’t worry about it. You’ve done more than enough. If you gave all you got and focused on the task with the allotted time, even if for just a small amount, then you’ve done far more compared to cramming and putting it off for later.  Also, you can try again tomorrow, aim at getting better. Trust me. You can sleep better at night knowing you’re a step closer to your dreams.

Celebrate minor victories

Everyone loves celebration. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as there’s something to celebrate. See we’re so used to putting off things for later that we end up accomplishing nothing. The way around this is to work through the tips above and consider your “mini segmented targets” worthy of a plush celebration! No point in delaying it. Plan a weekend escapade. Have a drink with your friends, be creative.

Never expect to achieve things without rewarding yourself even if it’s just minor victories. Actually, taking a break allows time for you to evaluate the progress done so far and also appreciate the fact that you’re just now a few steps from reaching your goal. Furthermore, it prevents getting frustrated and burnt out. Once you see it this way, the process of achieving goals and getting results now becomes much more enjoyable.

Act it out first

I read this on several books already and this is exactly the whole point of this motivational blog. I am in no position to give tips about life and about getting results considering where I am with my goals. I might not have a success story yet but I am certain that I’ll have one soon. The point is I’m trying to act it out first.

If you want to achieve something, perhaps losing weight, act like you've lost weight already. Buy fitting clothes, eat what fit people eat, and do what fit people do. As you act accordingly, you accept that you are getting fitter each day. It starts with your affirming beliefs and eventually results show up. It’s not a question if it will happen or not, it will happen.

Leave worries to worry for itself

You know what? Nothing is certain in life. You may end up as a poor guy at the end of it all or a rich successful man on a yacht, the bottom line is no one can tell. However, if you live your life worrying about this, then you likely end up as the former since you’re wasting time. Unfortunately, you don’t get anywhere if you sit there all day worrying. Leave your worries to worry for itself.  

Flying Hawk

You have a superhuman power

As a fanatic of super heroes and their super powers, I kept asking myself, "What super power could real people have?" I ended up that we have the “super power” to make things happen. Only human beings have the power to create and start something in this world. A dog may want to create a wooden house of its own, but it can never do that. Only humans can. And once you really think about it, it’s as a superpower for the possibilities are endless.

Dream more

The truth is all these tips mentioned above are useless if in the first place you haven’t dreamt of achieving anything. If you have succumbed to the harshness of the world or the opinions of others that you can never do it, then you are at risk of not living at all. You should know that you can do it. Dream more! If you ask me, it’s better to have a life of, “Wow, I did that?” rather than “I wish I did that.”
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