5 Wonderful Ways To Value Time

5 Wonderful Ways To Value Time
Time is probably the most wasted asset. Let’s admit it, most of us take time for granted. Some of us may already have realized that this separates us from people who make things happen. Those people who have offered something substantial to the world actually have the same-dear-old 24 hours each day. We don’t value time and we carelessly manage it. The results are devastating: depression, delays, rat race, and any of the sorts.

You might be one of these, one who finds it hard to sleep because they are guilty of not doing anything for what they want to become or for what they want to get. If so, here are 5 wonderful ways for you to get away from this rot.

1. Tomorrow is not a guarantee

Always consider that tomorrow, heck, anything in life has no guarantee. We might die in our sleep tonight without anyone knowing or we might get mobbed and shot in the head while walking on the streets. Picturing this, it ain’t hard to imagine these, “Have we truly lived our life and not just existed?” “Are we ready for death?” I bet many great ideas now unfold as you ask these questions. “You could have done this and that” kinds of statements you can create straightforwardly. Don’t live a life of regret. Start living as if it is your last day today and be productive.

2. Time your activities

A wonderful way to actually get good results for the day is to time your activities. I keep a 25-minute timer on my laptop. Whatever work I do using my laptop, say creating a website or writing an article, I would try my best to work on the allotted time. So I just focus on a certain activity for 25 minutes without letting anything distract me. After the alarm rings, I then set a 5-minute break to do a bit of stretching, a bit of Facebook, or even just looking at something else to prevent eye strain. I feel that by doing this, I already given myself a good balance on things and get more things done. This might also work for you.

3. Jot it down

If timing your activities seems to be lacking in some ways, then you can jot them down. This, I imagine, helps you sleep at night, especially when you are working on a self-goal that no one knows about.

Jotting what you’ve done for the 25-minute activities helps you see the big picture. You’ll discover that everything is about forming habits. That consistency is key and you just have to do one small step each day. So write it down, even things that you do for others. Say, “I spent 25 minutes watching a short TV series with my girlfriend.” Wouldn’t it make the whole thing memorable? Just don’t be geeky in writing everything especially when you’re out in the public. You don’t have to write it at that instant, the whole point of this is that you remain conscious if your spending time wisely or not.

4. Exercise

Studies show that you are a lot more productive if you set 30 minutes to an hour of exercise each day. It could be just an ordinary jog early in the morning. By doing so, you get to be more focused on things, a lot more alert and awake, and not to mention, healthier and fit. Do exercise not because people say so, but because you love yourself.

5. Always consider your priorities

Your time is always more valuable than others. So never let others dictate to you how to manage your time. I’m not just saying this because that’s what I like to think about my time. But, actually, this is also how many successful people think about theirs. Let me mention one friend who don’t compromise his time and business just because his friends (including me) are out drinking and all. With that good value of his, he and his brand continues to be the top indie-clothing brand in the Philippines.

It’s actually funny how most of us let our plans and activities are allowed to be easily swayed by our girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and even family, and let it be like how they want it to be. I mean, that’s totally sad letting others control our priorities, our valuable time. Disrespecting our time makes us look like fools since we’re the ones who set them schedules in the first place. If you are going to allow people to mess with it anyway, then at least put up a fight.

Don’t get me wrong, this valuing of time is not selfish. Actually, the more you value your time, the more you can offer it to the people who you really value as well. Say you set aside just 8 pristine hours of work and then you set two hours for your girlfriend, and probably another hour for your family. Now, ruining your work schedule can already have massive effects on the other schedules, namely for your girlfriend, family, and even your rest. This compromises all others and you’ll miss out doing the most part instead. So, try to value your time and respect the time given for each day.

At the end of the day, what you went through for yourself are the only things that matter. Your parents, your girlfriends/boyfriends, and your friends won’t know what you were achieving for yourself. It’s always about you and your dreams. Dreams are the things you struggle with and achieve while no one knows about. So, don’t just let anyone take it away so easily.
(photo credit by Julian Bialowas)
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