I’m No Risk Taker

boy hiding
You may have noticed that I post a lot of audacious things about investments, saving, and even about being bold in facing tomorrow. But let me be clear about one thing, I’m no risk taker. I’m frequently afraid, and I know it’s a part of me that I continuously struggle.

Fear is always there. We do know that every time we wake up, every time we have an endeavor to face, or even when we’re about to work, we always have thoughts of fear. Questions run in our head as, “Will I be able to do much?”, “Can I do it?”, “Will this job help me in achieving my financial goals?”, “Is my knowledge enough?” - all of these hesitations signifies fear and anxiety on our daily lives. I always believe that it’s normal to have them. All people have them and no one here on earth is totally fearless.

However, the existence of fear does not follow that we give in to it. If you want to move from one place to another and fear is blocking your way, what you got to do is to find a way around it. Fear will always be there but we also have the choice to overcome it because we have a greater purpose.

What I learned from my 25 years of existence is that the sources of confidence, of being a risk taker, of having high esteem - all of these, actually come from a decision. It’s the decision to change. Once we decide to focus on a vision, you will realize that fear is nothing compared to where you want to be.

If you’re like me, I picture myself in the future as someone who is accomplished, In order to become that person I have to make a bold move and worry less about fear.

Don’t get me wrong, there wont be a day that  fear will be gone. However, I believe that it could be tamed. So what I do these days is confront fear all the time. I think when we get used to fear, it’ll eventually settle down or, as I prefer to say it, calm down. It’s no longer a wild blizzard that gives us the chill. Instead, it becomes a pot of gold that teaches us how to manage risks and live fulfilled lives.

Once we confront fear, we realize that we should be doing it as early as we can. There’s no point on delaying. I honestly try my best to risk and fail as early as now. The fact is that I’m a lot more scared about a future me, say on his forties, failing. It’s going to be horrible. I rather fail and make mistakes and know fear as much as I can in this early stage of life.

The whole thing about taking risk may seem too idealistic, but what else does matter? If we don’t risk and if we don’t face fear we’ll be stuck. I always believed that if you don’t like where you are or what you are doing, then change it for you’re not a tree.

Yes, I’m no risk taker, I have all these fears, but I do know that I advocate change and growth, and those are enough to outweigh everything else.