Why Join The Truly Rich Club?

Truly Rich ClubOn my previous post All About Investing in Stock Market, I have mentioned truly Rich Club a couple of times. This next post will give you the reasons why joining this club headed by Bo Sanchez could lead you to your success in the Philippine Stock Market and probably other aspects of your life.

About the club (more likely)

To be honest, I don't really know much about the club when I started. I mean who cares about history anyway? However, it would still be better to know even just a bit about it, especially for those who don't easily trust (which is perfectly normal by the way).

Truly Rich Club started 2010. This is the year when they released their very first stocks update. You might be wondering why the club is still so young. Well, it's because Bo Sanchez became financially successful just recently. He started to invest in stocks market with the helped of a core group of stock advisors and analysts, which is also the team providing the stock updates today. At that time, Bo could not imagine how he was so blessed and gained so much in stocks that he decided to share this knowledge to everyone. He thought that if he could do it, then anyone could.

The club aims to amplify people's wealth awareness by sharing established concepts of prosperity and financial freedom yet still rooted from biblical principles.

I'd like to give a heads up that Bo, being a spiritual leader and firm believer, may usually link his products with faith. If you are not particular with this or if you'd love that, then that's great. But if you don't share the same views on the doctrines, then that's perfectly fine since you can just go ahead and tick only stocks updates and disregard the rest of the e-mail subscription. Of course, you may always check some of the posts, videos and audios if you feel like getting the important gists of it.

The club has several membership types.  Take note that all you need to get the stock info is the basic membership, referred to as gold membership. You may check the upgraded types later on once you get the groove of the club.

That's pretty much all you need to know. Now let's get on the good part.

In regards to stocks

Stock market is one of the many vehicles in investing. Here in the Philippines, research show that only 1 percent of people participate in Stocks. This Club helps people manage risk and learn to invest the right way.

Basically, they give you in-depth researched information about stocks where they suggest which ones to buy. The founder is confident about this that he boldly shares which stocks he has been buying. You also get to know the history of the stocks and progress if you buy with him and follow his advice.

I know that what I just mentioned is kind of vague. So for the benefit of everyone reading this post, I will share what exactly the club has to offer. In the club's stock market updates, sent to you by e-mail, you get to meet SAM (Strategic Averaging Method). SAM is what they refer to their list of the best companies to invest in at any given time. And yes, these are also the companies Bo is currently investing in. This list is what you need from the stocks update.

SAM simplifies everything for you. You now have a clear idea when is the right time to buy since it offers you a buy below price as well as a target price. So just buy the SAM companies while they fall under the buy below price (buy low) then sell them when they reach the target (sell high). In addition, there's no need to worry if you don't frequently check your online portfolio for the club notifies you (through email) if it's the right time to sell. Of course, other important notifications are given too like baby boomers, hold alert, and so on.

Quite simple right? It trulllyy is.

BUT you know what? Since you've been reading this post I'll let you see the actual SAM pdf email just to give you a crystal clear idea on what you're getting. Here's the link  (You're welcome. ^^)

What else do you get?

Aside from the bi-monthly stock updates, you also get other tons of wonderful things. These may vary from tips, seminars, books and so on. But all these are of value only once you use them.

I want to mention something that surpasses everything else you get from the club. Once you join, you get a ticket to commitment. Put it like this, since you're already part of a cause, it's easier for you to persevere and succeed. This is the best thing you'll get. I always consider being part of the club as an opportunity to prepare for the future.

Is it a sure thing?

No. Nothing is a sure thing when it comes to investments. So what do you do? Learn to manage risk and discover yourself along the way. Some people don't act because they're afraid while some take risks and move forward. The risk takers may not always be right, but they're on their way.

Needless to say, I strongly suggest it.

You can actually sign up today and become a free member (this is the most basic type of membership. Click on free member. Just scroll down at the bottom of the page and click Philippines residents and sign up). Bo will then send you the necessary information and even a free e-book about how her maid invested in stock market (this will give you a good idea about stocks by the way). Just check it out first, and once you decided to join, you can upgrade your membership to get the stock updates and other benefits.

Once again, this has been quite a lengthy post, but hopefully you learned a lot.

P.S. I believe in your success
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