Facebook making people jealous and vain!

Have you noticed how facebook makes people jealous of others and also make them feel vain? Let's start with jealousy. One  may feel it creep in as you watch other people's Facebook wall, looking at their pics, vids, current activities, and anything that is comparable to your life. It's funny how we stare in awe at times (on how great their life has become) but at the same time disgusted -- even hopeful for a misfortune to fall upon them to cease them achieving what they have. This is quite toxic and let's admit, I think everyone feels the same way (sometimes). However, what i see here is that we are experiencing some side effects this so-called top notch social networking.

Did you also know that vanity is highly related to jealousy? We try to post pictures of us getting high, traveling across lush places, or pictures of us with our guys or girls in fun parties, while pigging out, and everything else that (including weird stuff) just serve to get us attention. Most often than not, we do these acts of vanity to show the world that we can beat those people whom we envy -- and so the cycle a starts... Now albums full of their faces (and by that their only faces) are flooding Facebook like a swarm of flies on a delicious outdoor meal.

This is sick. I don't know if there's a cure for this, but i am kinda sure we are going to continue these things that we do in facebook. There are no guidelines or common rules in social networking after all.

Come to think of it, all of these are not that bad actually. But I just want to say for those who dont know how to control themselves that they should be aware of this. And perhaps, try to stop looking at other person's wall or even your own wall to feel a lot more better. Good luck to all of us and happy Facebooking!
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