How To Start Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

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I know I’ve been telling people about stock market however, I haven't really fully, even begun, to explain the whole thing. Silly me.

Let me start by saying, “Anyone can invest in the stock market.” Yes, Anyone. Through the help of truly rich club, this post will try to define, basically, what stock market is and how it works.  I’ll try to be as brief and as lay man's terms as possible.

To explain stock market, one just has to think of 3 things
1. buying shares from companies;
2. let the value grow; and
3. selling them on a favored, later time.

First off, the only term you need to focus on for now is stock shares. Stock Shares is basically a piece of a whole. Say a slice of cake, where the whole cake is the value of the public Stock company. Imagine you bought a slice of cake worth 1 peso (because the cake is cheap like that) and the whole cake is worth 8 pesos. With simple math, you get that there are 8 slices of cake for a whole cake. Stock shares are the slices of the cake and that slice of cake is your own share or your own slice. You now have the right of it and also you are now part of the whole. Now imagine that it so happens the cake became so popular and an increase in demand occurred (this means business is growing). Now the cake is worth 16 pesos, which means it is now doubled the original price. Essentially, your slice of cake will worth 2 pesos now. That's the magic of stocks and it is actually as simple as that.

Companies with good business grow their value or worth over time. Of course, some corporations could also go down. The fun part actually comes in choosing which companies to invest in, this part is what most people conceive as difficult, challenging, and confusing. Let me tell you that is quite simple. Really.

COL (CITISEC Online) Financial, the preferred online stockbroker, offers a simple EIP program. This comes from a very simple premise that when you buy stocks on a regular or monthly basis, you eventually build a good portfolio which could then generate good returns in the long run (15 years or so). This of course is possible if you buy on COL’s suggested blue chip company, or the big companies which have very high probability of sustaining and increasing their values in the long haul. I could not further emphasize the importance of starting early if ever you consider investing in stocks.

How much do you need to invest in stock market?

Well, any amount will do. However, you will need to have at least 5000 Php to enroll to the online broker. But don't be confused, this amount is your initial investment and already considered as your trading value. You just have to set aside any amount you can every month for you to continue buying the stocks you love. In addition, I’m glad to share a strategy that will somehow automate the investing system regardless of your cash inflow.

What exactly do you need to do to start investing?

You just have to enroll in Col Financial (previously CITISEC online). You can check their site and enroll to the EIP program (Now called Starter Program), since it’s initial deposit involves only 5000php as I was talking earlier (I'll write more about enrollment process on a next post). It's rather simple and you can enroll anywhere in the Philippines or even outside the country. All instructions are laid out in the site.

The smart way around Stock Market

As mentioned above, the challenge in stock market is figuring which companies to invest or put your trust with. I'm glad to inform you that there is a smart way around this. I won't say it is a definite method since investing, from the world itself, is not a definitive thing. You should be aware that investing always involves risk. However, the truly Rich club, a group in which I am a member for a year now, offers you good financial advice on which stocks to buy. The prolific speaker Bo Sanchez and his trusted advisors head this club. These professionals offer another method of going with stocks. It’s a semi passive approach where you maximize your earnings and utilize in maximum the art of compounding interest in the long run. Here's a post I created about it.

As of now, I would like to strongly invite you and be excited about this investment program. Investing in stocks MAY give you an average of 15 to 20% growth in your money (the range could go negative to 100% to 200% or even more). This is much better than placing your money on banks where inflation easily kills your 1 to 2 percent interest rates.  Moreover, people tend to be afraid of things they are unfamiliar of. This is why NOW is always the right TIME to check on any investment programs and see where you best fit. Time is so valuable. If anyone could do it, you could absolutely do it as well .

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P.S. I guess it’s a long post after all but hey, congratulations you just made a big step on your financial awareness today.

P.S.2 You could leave a comment below so that I could inform you about upcoming posts related to enrollment, Truly Rich Club and many more tips. Or you can just email me if you want to talk now.

I Am The Mountain I Am The Sea

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If you noticed my profile here in blogger, you'd see a lot of nice description about me. Basically, they  are labels that I want to call myself. I found out that I wanted to be that person someday.  Unfortunately, I was wrong about two things: I don't want it and it won't be someday.

I don't want it

I was a kid when it first dawned that I want to be someone great. Someone worth remembering or someone who could be written in someone else's journal, blog or book. When I was 23 I realized that I could be anything I want as long as I believed in it. I'm glad I joined PALS (Personal Awareness and Leadership Seminar) and realized that concept early in life. But what I do not get however, is that why I haven't been better for the past two years. I am still the same old me, and I don't seem to see any improvements in my life. I figured that I don't really want what I wanted in the first place...

Instead, I am already one. I am who I want already, and it is not just a label. I have always kept a mindset that once I label myself as this and that, I'd become one someday. However, this mind set is wrong for I am already who I am. I don't need any labeling, I just have to act upon it. What you do is what you are. I know it's a cliche, yet not everyone understands this. We chose to not act and just depend on situations, relying on other people and their decisions and much worse, relying on circumstances. Whether it's a perfect day or not, we have to do what we are. It's not our hold if it rains, but it's our hold if we continue to go to work. Nothing can stop us. We just have to be alive and creative. 

You've guessed it right, It's not Someday

We don't have to wait for the perfect time to act and do things in line with what and who we truly are. I love to write, and I label myself as an amateur blogger. I don't really know how to write and I don't even feel confident with how I write, but I have no other option but to write. I have to accept this reality in me. I can't get the things I want when I'm not ready to accept them. I am also convinced that if I write on a regular basis, the inevitable will come and that is to improve. I may not notice this right now and results may seem bleak, but I'm not missing the big point, which is, the process is the result. I think I don't have to explain that.

One road block we face about becoming awesome is the fear of being judged. Most of us get scared of being judge and the like, we should realize that all of that does not matter. What people say is not the truth, rather, what you say to yourself is the sole truth for you. Impress yourself rather than trying to impress everyone. Nothing good comes out from impressing everyone. I don't even believe that's possible.

We don't have to be too strict on ourselves in aligning ourselves to our purpose and goals. Instead we focus on the fact that we are far greater than we are and we all have the potential. We can be anything. "I am the mountains I am the sea,  no one can take that away from me." (my favorite lyrics from the song mountains by Biffy Clyro) Yes we are...

If you were to decide on who you want to be whilst thinking that nothing is impossible, how would you choose your life to be?

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What You Create Today Matters Tomorrow

I checked my stock market portfolio on COL and I've realized that it's almost a year that I've subscribed to Bo's  "Truly Rich Club". I'm glad to see that the shares' value were sloping upward and with no detriments. It's going as planned. However, what I realize too is I haven't given much thought about the whole stock market thing at all. I just place passive money and trade as advised. I was not that excited at all. But yesterday, after seeing the big picture created after several months, something came out... a surge of ideas came flying out, which got me excited, even avaricious. It's just amazing how you learn a lot from things you started from before.

In another instance, I chanced upon my old scrapbook created in 2006 I believe. It was not a scrapbook I deliberately made for myself. Rather it was a project our teacher suggested for us to pass Philosophy of Man back in college. The whole project is kind of unique because it is a scrapbook intended for people to read when you're already dead. It came to be a collection of thoughts and beliefs at that time and how you could have said goodbye to people or to this world. I realized I changed a lot since then. Though there's no big gap from my thinking process before and now, I couldn't help but be amazed on how mature my views were. It's as if looking at a window and seeing my old self but with very different taste and strong views that I'm not even certain if I still hold true at this moment. I realize that this creation of mine helped me perceive a lot of things for it reflects what I've done or reached at that certain time. Also, how my perceptions of the world were and how I've loved so far. Just today, I reconsidered probably creating another one, perhaps make it a project for each decade.

There are many instances like these that I bump upon something I created that made joyful consciousness of the present. For me it could be old songs, poems, write ups that my older self created. Viewing such context as a whole, I figured that it's delightful living in the now with all those reminiscent possessions at one's disposal. It reminds us that what we create today matters tomorrow. Perhaps I'd create anything today, could be covering the guitar of a song and posting it on YouTube. It could probably be something random that I haven't done before (paint?). Anything that is tangible or viewable in the future. I am convinced that these creations become tiny gems on the coming numbered days. I'm hopeful to create something big though - a game changer that becomes a pivot in my life. I just feel it's coming and it's worth to be excited.  I wonder how I'd reflect on that when the time comes. Life is worth to be excited for.

One of my mini creations.

If you want to venture into Philippines Stock Market, then you might want to check this out.