What You Create Today Matters Tomorrow

I checked my stock market portfolio on COL and I've realized that it's almost a year that I've subscribed to Bo's  "Truly Rich Club". I'm glad to see that the shares' value were sloping upward and with no detriments. It's going as planned. However, what I realize too is I haven't given much thought about the whole stock market thing at all. I just place passive money and trade as advised. I was not that excited at all. But yesterday, after seeing the big picture created after several months, something came out... a surge of ideas came flying out, which got me excited, even avaricious. It's just amazing how you learn a lot from things you started from before.

In another instance, I chanced upon my old scrapbook created in 2006 I believe. It was not a scrapbook I deliberately made for myself. Rather it was a project our teacher suggested for us to pass Philosophy of Man back in college. The whole project is kind of unique because it is a scrapbook intended for people to read when you're already dead. It came to be a collection of thoughts and beliefs at that time and how you could have said goodbye to people or to this world. I realized I changed a lot since then. Though there's no big gap from my thinking process before and now, I couldn't help but be amazed on how mature my views were. It's as if looking at a window and seeing my old self but with very different taste and strong views that I'm not even certain if I still hold true at this moment. I realize that this creation of mine helped me perceive a lot of things for it reflects what I've done or reached at that certain time. Also, how my perceptions of the world were and how I've loved so far. Just today, I reconsidered probably creating another one, perhaps make it a project for each decade.

There are many instances like these that I bump upon something I created that made joyful consciousness of the present. For me it could be old songs, poems, write ups that my older self created. Viewing such context as a whole, I figured that it's delightful living in the now with all those reminiscent possessions at one's disposal. It reminds us that what we create today matters tomorrow. Perhaps I'd create anything today, could be covering the guitar of a song and posting it on YouTube. It could probably be something random that I haven't done before (paint?). Anything that is tangible or viewable in the future. I am convinced that these creations become tiny gems on the coming numbered days. I'm hopeful to create something big though - a game changer that becomes a pivot in my life. I just feel it's coming and it's worth to be excited.  I wonder how I'd reflect on that when the time comes. Life is worth to be excited for.

One of my mini creations.

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