Procrastination or simply the fear of accomplishing things

Yep I have written something out because i have so much "lesser time" once again. I tend to have a lot of things to do when i choose not doing the real things that i should do. Moreover, when you work longer you tend to have lesser and lesser things to do. Damn! That was a lot of "do's" in a sentence. harhar. I know... I ache in english.... But anyways, back to the topic. Such "occurrence" is a natural phenomenon for me. Indeed, I am a slave of the sad old procrastination.

It's always sweet to do things that are not important. I realized that i love to procrastinate, but as i go deeper in searching for answers to solve it, I found something else.  But first let me tell you that i didn't get any decent answer from formspring either. People gave me "I don't knows" and one person told me to destroy my tv and throw away my laptop since she believes that's the only way to avoid it. Well, that is totally not a cheap solution for me to consider.

Anyhow, this is what i realized...

I figured that I have a  fear of accomplishing things. Maybe, that's the very reason why i procrastinate. But isn't giving in to the fear of accomplishing things a form of procrastination? You see, the moment "i fear" accomplishing something, i tend to do nothing at all. So i guess killing the fear eliminates the chance of me procrastinating.

"Accomplishments are so awesome that people fear them." (nailed it!)

I am not certain with this notion, but from what i observed, people tend to dream less nowadays. I strongly believe that we settle for less and ditch accomplishments. Maybe there's a connection, maybe there isn't. Well, who the heck cares? I just wanted to say that i made a link between procrastination that it roots from fearing something, which is most likely making accomplishments. How bout you? What do you think?

Skullcandy skullcrusher indeed

What the heck is wrong with this set of headphones?? I can't make use of it for a longer time. It literally crushes my head. I should have read the name first before even thinking of purchasing it.  Anyway,  I had the device for three years now but I haven't really used it that much till  now. Boy! It was horrible. I cant even enjoy a single movie wearing it. The side of my head aches. Geez...

I'm considering to buy a new one. This time, I think I'll go for studio type of headsets. This time with a good fit, of course. I want snug but not too tight. Anyhow, eyeing on the Sennheisser babies. (Don't know if i got the spelling right and i don't have any clue of which model I will be buying.) Heard good reviews about the brand.

So what else? hmmm.. I guess that's about it for now. See ya.

What happens when you lack a finger on both hands and you need hand gestures for the trackpad of MacBook pro?

It would be miserable right? You can’t do the gestures of swiping and doing expose and all in the MacBook laptop. Luckily, I have my fingers complete. It’s just got me thinking what if I have such misfortune.

Why I’m writing this post is simply to share my thoughts on how it could get for you to lack something very essential. We should be happy with what we have.. bla bla bla. Yes its totally nonsense, but you get what I mean. So be happy. I wish that was simple.

Right now I’m depressed without knowing why I get to be. Could it be the hangover from beer? It’s a depressant so I’m guessing it ruins your hormones and mood and feelings and so on. Whatever, but I hate being depressed being incompetent and lack of action.  That’s why I thought of logo therapy and all. It gives way to my thoughts regarding the lacking finger. That’s sad, but I’m sad as well. We are sad sometimes. I just hate it when I’m sad. I guess we all do.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I get inspired to write when I feel sad. What the heck, I’m part of the “emo” class. This is disgusting. I remembered back in the days when I write poems and songs when I get sad. It’s not at all weird but it’s worth to note. All in all, “I’m glad that I get to be sad”..

I kept on listening to the song “Miss Misery” by Elliott Smith, why the hell do good musicians have to die? The world needs them. I surely want some more of these songs. It makes me crazily depressed. A sad song is a cute song for me.. Try to listen to it and truly miss misery.. Don’t forget to loop it down.

It’s all right to get nothing to do, to get depressed and to think how better you are compared to a person lacking fingers who can’t make use of the gestures on a mac. I mean what am I saying? I don’t know anymore. Let’s just move on with life.

As the song goes, "I'll fake it through the day with a help from johnny walker red"

A Window to the Future

Wouldn't it be great to see the future in a window and see yourself on the other side having all the things that you have been dreaming of today? I call this a window to the future. It is a great invention I hope to create (or created). It goes like this.

It started when I thought about some experts telling us to dream and work for that dream. I realized that with dedication, that dream becomes a picture in the mind. Then it becomes a thought. This soon manifests and it turns out to be a painting. Yes, a real painting that you can touch, feel and understand what it tries to say. But I want to develop something more. I want to create a window, instead of just an ordinary thought or painting.  This time, you truly see the outside world, a world that shows the “real future.”

Now, it’s not a lie or fake, it is reality that is just not bound with time yet. Really think about it and don't stop. By the way, I don’t know if you'll consider what I see, but if you have that window you’ll realize that it only takes one simple step outside and you’ll get there. But still, we are beings bound by time. We can’t do it. All we can do is observe and watch the future through that window. You don't have to doubt its validity. Don’t worry it’s real.

Now continue to dig deep. You realized that this person outside the window already have all the things you’ve dreamed of, all the things you ever wanted. He/ She made it! You don’t know how, but she did reach all your goals. This window is totally amazing but it’s probably useless seeing that only. So, it doesn’t end with that. You can actually get the secret of that person in the future. What I mean is, you will know what she or he did to reach his or her current state.

It is as simple as asking a question.  That question will be, “What if we turn the window the other way around?” I’m thinking of placing yourself inside that future you and turn time around. It’s the same you after all. Same consciousness same body, same capabilities. Once you realize it, the “you” on the other side will see the “you” in the current time. Can you imagine it now? Well, basically, it is an out of body experience that you get to be in unison with the thoughts and ideas of the future you. You then seek the answer and slowly retrace the steps. All your questions’ answers lie ahead. You know it.
Now go back.

That ends the concept of “window to the future”. This window can become the solution of your concerns and worries that is if you truly consider it. I am going to somehow explain this deeper in a book or maybe on later posts.

Of course, this is just a concept from this mind of mine. The window is just a simple tool for imagination and opening the power of the mind. I will dig deeper on this concept. However, what I want all people to understand is, “everyone has the power in them, the power to hold the future.” So let’s see it, feel it, taste it. It’s on our fingertips!

Facebook making people jealous and vain!

Have you noticed how facebook makes people jealous of others and also make them feel vain? Let's start with jealousy. One  may feel it creep in as you watch other people's Facebook wall, looking at their pics, vids, current activities, and anything that is comparable to your life. It's funny how we stare in awe at times (on how great their life has become) but at the same time disgusted -- even hopeful for a misfortune to fall upon them to cease them achieving what they have. This is quite toxic and let's admit, I think everyone feels the same way (sometimes). However, what i see here is that we are experiencing some side effects this so-called top notch social networking.

Did you also know that vanity is highly related to jealousy? We try to post pictures of us getting high, traveling across lush places, or pictures of us with our guys or girls in fun parties, while pigging out, and everything else that (including weird stuff) just serve to get us attention. Most often than not, we do these acts of vanity to show the world that we can beat those people whom we envy -- and so the cycle a starts... Now albums full of their faces (and by that their only faces) are flooding Facebook like a swarm of flies on a delicious outdoor meal.

This is sick. I don't know if there's a cure for this, but i am kinda sure we are going to continue these things that we do in facebook. There are no guidelines or common rules in social networking after all.

Come to think of it, all of these are not that bad actually. But I just want to say for those who dont know how to control themselves that they should be aware of this. And perhaps, try to stop looking at other person's wall or even your own wall to feel a lot more better. Good luck to all of us and happy Facebooking!

Walking Dreams

Doug Firebaugh mentioned, “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” It is such a wonderful quote that made me think about my dreams and aspirations and of course the future. The world today is a different world. We see a lot of hardships, failures and all those related stuff. Sometimes we worry too much that we forget about our dreams and the opportunity within us and surrounding us. This is bad, people tend to forget, in the end, we question what we are all about. Dreams define people and people define dreams. It is a mystery that we face and we ought not to understand but to feel.

So while I was reading the quote, I realized that I have forgotten some of my childhood dreams, the dreams that were hidden and washed away. I recognized that we need reminders and I’m quite glad that I was reminded about them. Anyhow, the quote reached me and I subtly uttered the words “walking dreams”. I perceived those words as the future or maybe the present (whichever applies). I might not see it in me but I may see it onto others. See, these dreams when they are realized, they come with the person. That’s why when such person had reached his or her dreams, the dream walks with them, or rather they become the manifestation of their dreams and thus, walking dreams.

Someday my dream will walk and to get to that “someday”, I will have to inch my self further towards the realization of those dreams. What I can do right now, however, is to share this thought and urge everyone to follow their dreams and be reminded of how good it is to dream; reminded of how beautiful our childhood dreams were.. Life is a beauty after all. Move further and grow a little inch more. We then live for tomorrow..

The meaning of Death

Death is a ceaseless occurrence or phenomenon that all living would someday face. I just visited two funerals last weekend and it was a new experience that led me to ask the question, "Why do people die?"

One of my teacher said that we live to die. For me, it's like a pessimistic way of seeing that we are living but it's temporary for we are bound to die. To think of it, we are here to live in this temporary world, with temporary feelings, temporary smiles and sadness, and whatsoever. Maybe people wanted to die after all and get away from all these "temporariness." The burden of these thoughts gets tiresome at times, if you know what I mean, but if not, then I'll explain it to you.

If only things were not temporary, you'd find love and it stays forever, you bought a new stuff like a computer or guitar and they last forever, you gave birth and the life last forever, you found happiness and happiness stays forever. What a weird and at the same time awesome world that would be.

But if you turn the statement live to die other way around that would result to: you will have to die in order to live. Dying is a form of living. Let's call it essence or energy for the thing that is left behind other than the body after death. This essence is spread to every love ones or people you have touched, and it stays with them. Also in dying you can feel that something has become alive, we can't pinpoint it or describe it, but it is there. For me it is an endless cycle, one that I can't comprehend as well.

But nothing is forever, well maybe after dying our essence would be in a state of something like forever but not necessarily like it, it is a word that is not coined yet. And in reply to my "ifs" on the love stays forever and all, is the other scenario where one may find hatred, then it would mean that the unlucky person shall stay with hatred forever, if sadness then it stay forever. You can't be in happiness and in sadness at the same time. It's ironic and its weird. Our current human state and our human minds can never comprehend that, it would be too complicated.

What I'm guessing is, the meaning of death is to actually be human. Live in a temporary world and die in a temporary world. Death is just a part of our human self, our human phenomenon, and our human thoughts, after that we become something we don't even know yet but we are certain about. That is oneness with everything, a subtle essence that plays part in the entire universe, and not just the world and people surrounding you. And for those people who are left behind in the temporary world, they sometimes feel the "essence" of the person who has left.

Well, with all of the stuff mentioned, I still don't know exactly the meaning of death. These thoughts even made me a lot more confused now. I would have to meet my deathbed to be able to answer these questions. But i can't wait for that, i just can't wait...

Fail with consequence, lose with eloquence and smile.

Was my favorite line from the song "consequence" by notwist, a very good song to listen and I just thought of sharing it to people. This song definitely makes me think a lot, and at the same time, makes you think less. I know its kinda weird, but these kinds of songs would be a perfect fit for background music especially areas of our lives where we feel like we're in movies, or lapses of infinity, or moments where we are hypnotized.

Life, enormous as it may be, is totally like music for me. You just open your ears, like what you do when you open your eyes. I let the colors of the song sink in, make it burst in my eardrums, rapidly splurging my brain's neuroacousticsensors for a treat of pleasure. And the beauty of it in life, same with music, is that you almost get it anywhere and anytime, to unexpected points of our lives.. It just "leaves me paralyzed" (another line from the song)

I love the song and i tried to loop it on youtube but i cant find a way to do it but it doesn't matter, sometimes in life we don't really care how many times we click the "play button". We're crazy at times, we always do the same thing all over again.  We all go through the hassle for the thing/s we love and as the song goes "leave me paralyzed love" (got to click play again)

by the way i discovered this song while watching "push", i'm not sure if i entirely love the movie, anyhow it just came perfect with the scenes. I got to say thank you (to the movie) for that, played it again.


Why do people prejudge? Why do they do such mean things to others? What do they know about us and why do they even judge as at first glance or first actions? I realized that people are naturally stupid.

We think that the world we create in our mind is the actual thing we have in the real world. We always create an image in our mind from mere facts or even first views or first sound. What a total failure... If the community is composed by such fools, they will all end up in war or bickering and all those related stuff. It's a crime to prejudge..

Yesterday I had met such person, she thinks she can say anything because she has the authority. Well nice shot, she just lost her authority with me seeing her that way. Anyway, judging people with what they say without really looking at what they are doing would only destroy a relationship that should have been a good one. It's just sad and sometimes infuriating.

Sometimes saying your opinion aloud without really thinking about it can lead to a negative outcome. This is because that we are already practicing prejudice to the point that it becomes a habit. So if you plan to wake up and change your mind, we should start with "pause and think before saying." Well I hope this advice reach her.

The good thing though, I think totally different. When someone prejudge you, try to think that you know why she or he did that. You don't have to prove anything or to say anything. You don't even have to be disappointed. It's their opinion anyway, and their opinion doesn't really matter. Some people are really stupid and understanding them at times is real hard. But it's my fault why i got affected. And i try to always think this way: they maybe mean or bad, but love them anyway. Just like what Mother Theresa once said..

p.s to that charged nurse and resident doctor. I love you for making me write this!

Thank you for all the good people

It’s really awesome how you see other people helping or reaching out to other people. There was this one time that a kiddo helped another kiddo and that was just pure awesomeness. It is art in motion, it really is. Try to consider this: the world full of helping people won’t be called world or earth anymore, I’ll call it paradise.

Genuine care for others is truly a challenge that requires someone to genuinely care to their selves as well. You can’t care for others if you can’t even take care of yourself. Ironic on how some people, give all they got to care for others and in the end they don’t even know how to care for themselves. To the point that when the person they cared most is gone or leaves them, they got nothing much left for anything. We sometimes build our life onto others, but this is not good. You should build a good relationship inside you first and start from there. The radiance created from within would be the thing that will keep on moving and growing. The more you nurture it the more it’ll grow.

Now how the heck is that related with genuine care for others? Basically you care more to others because you know how to care for yourself. You see, once you feel loved, all that is left to do is to share that love. I know it’s kind of complicated, and for now I can’t really put into words what the heck I have in mind, maybe on a later post I will discuss more on this. But for now that should be enough. And yep let’s just thank all the good people out there doing their own thing. Thank you!

How to get inspiration?

A lot of people ask questions like, “how can I be inspired?” Well somehow I learned a bit on how to do it. I don’t know how I came to this but I realize that inspiration is a good thing that keeps you moving on and makes you smile at times, even at weird times when you are riding in the jeepney alone or something like that. Inspiration keeps us going. People love to act under the influence of inspiration.

Now how to be inspired? Simple, it is simply thinking positive! Always think of what you can do in your life, on how to make "you" a better person. These thoughts actually act like drivers able to twist those inspiration juices out. Think good and think how you could do things in a better way. You’ll realize that there are a lot of things to do, and thus you’ll be inspired to do those things and actually reach them.

Music and travel can be a good tandem in making you feel better and inspired as well. Try to listen to good music, any happy music or any new music, and just ride a bus, a train or any moving thing, and just watch the world pass by. You’ll actually see your beautiful thoughts flying around the corner. All you’ve got to do is grab and catch them. It’s funny how ideas pops out almost immediately from nowhere. I wish I had a journal with me all the time to write all those things that keeps me inspired.

Basically that’s how to get inspiration, well it works for me. Always think of yourself as a good thing and a "thing" that you can establish more good stuff into it. After all, we are the engineers of our life. Planning for better stuff is amazing! Just the thought of them is enough to make you smile and be inspired…


I started talking to a friend about anything, started sharing some music, and warned not to share it with anybody. I don't know, if I started to like a band, you don't want anyone else liking it.  When a band becomes too famous it loses its "famousness."

Then I started talking about friendly people. Friendly people lose their friendliness as well if they become too friendly or touchy or whatever. Yep I realize that  as well. Some people really don't talk to you, and they try real hard to do that, just to look cool. Yep I bet at the back of their mind is the concept of "being too friendly leads to less friendlilessness" If you know what i mean.

So i start thinking hey, why is it that way? Are we just selfish morons walking around the streets? I don't think so, maybe we're selfish with our own ideas. Plagiarism or whatever its called. Well I'm way off, anyway I'll still continue loving bands and music that are not yet that "famous."


I figured out that humans, along with their insatiable wants and needs, are pursued by jealousy. It's a disease that we have since we have recognition. It's an unfair world, we may look up to others and we may sometimes look down. An unfair world it is.

A world of jealous eyes and minds. How can one survive? I don't know the answer yet, but to be happy with what you've got, is maybe one. But still we ask for more. Humans oh humans.

This never ending chase for something great is indeed addicting. We can never limit ourselves, but as well we can never really satisfy “us.” Are we bound for despair?