A Window to the Future

Wouldn't it be great to see the future in a window and see yourself on the other side having all the things that you have been dreaming of today? I call this a window to the future. It is a great invention I hope to create (or created). It goes like this.

It started when I thought about some experts telling us to dream and work for that dream. I realized that with dedication, that dream becomes a picture in the mind. Then it becomes a thought. This soon manifests and it turns out to be a painting. Yes, a real painting that you can touch, feel and understand what it tries to say. But I want to develop something more. I want to create a window, instead of just an ordinary thought or painting.  This time, you truly see the outside world, a world that shows the “real future.”

Now, it’s not a lie or fake, it is reality that is just not bound with time yet. Really think about it and don't stop. By the way, I don’t know if you'll consider what I see, but if you have that window you’ll realize that it only takes one simple step outside and you’ll get there. But still, we are beings bound by time. We can’t do it. All we can do is observe and watch the future through that window. You don't have to doubt its validity. Don’t worry it’s real.

Now continue to dig deep. You realized that this person outside the window already have all the things you’ve dreamed of, all the things you ever wanted. He/ She made it! You don’t know how, but she did reach all your goals. This window is totally amazing but it’s probably useless seeing that only. So, it doesn’t end with that. You can actually get the secret of that person in the future. What I mean is, you will know what she or he did to reach his or her current state.

It is as simple as asking a question.  That question will be, “What if we turn the window the other way around?” I’m thinking of placing yourself inside that future you and turn time around. It’s the same you after all. Same consciousness same body, same capabilities. Once you realize it, the “you” on the other side will see the “you” in the current time. Can you imagine it now? Well, basically, it is an out of body experience that you get to be in unison with the thoughts and ideas of the future you. You then seek the answer and slowly retrace the steps. All your questions’ answers lie ahead. You know it.
Now go back.

That ends the concept of “window to the future”. This window can become the solution of your concerns and worries that is if you truly consider it. I am going to somehow explain this deeper in a book or maybe on later posts.

Of course, this is just a concept from this mind of mine. The window is just a simple tool for imagination and opening the power of the mind. I will dig deeper on this concept. However, what I want all people to understand is, “everyone has the power in them, the power to hold the future.” So let’s see it, feel it, taste it. It’s on our fingertips!
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