Procrastination or simply the fear of accomplishing things

Yep I have written something out because i have so much "lesser time" once again. I tend to have a lot of things to do when i choose not doing the real things that i should do. Moreover, when you work longer you tend to have lesser and lesser things to do. Damn! That was a lot of "do's" in a sentence. harhar. I know... I ache in english.... But anyways, back to the topic. Such "occurrence" is a natural phenomenon for me. Indeed, I am a slave of the sad old procrastination.

It's always sweet to do things that are not important. I realized that i love to procrastinate, but as i go deeper in searching for answers to solve it, I found something else.  But first let me tell you that i didn't get any decent answer from formspring either. People gave me "I don't knows" and one person told me to destroy my tv and throw away my laptop since she believes that's the only way to avoid it. Well, that is totally not a cheap solution for me to consider.

Anyhow, this is what i realized...

I figured that I have a  fear of accomplishing things. Maybe, that's the very reason why i procrastinate. But isn't giving in to the fear of accomplishing things a form of procrastination? You see, the moment "i fear" accomplishing something, i tend to do nothing at all. So i guess killing the fear eliminates the chance of me procrastinating.

"Accomplishments are so awesome that people fear them." (nailed it!)

I am not certain with this notion, but from what i observed, people tend to dream less nowadays. I strongly believe that we settle for less and ditch accomplishments. Maybe there's a connection, maybe there isn't. Well, who the heck cares? I just wanted to say that i made a link between procrastination that it roots from fearing something, which is most likely making accomplishments. How bout you? What do you think?
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