Why do people prejudge? Why do they do such mean things to others? What do they know about us and why do they even judge as at first glance or first actions? I realized that people are naturally stupid.

We think that the world we create in our mind is the actual thing we have in the real world. We always create an image in our mind from mere facts or even first views or first sound. What a total failure... If the community is composed by such fools, they will all end up in war or bickering and all those related stuff. It's a crime to prejudge..

Yesterday I had met such person, she thinks she can say anything because she has the authority. Well nice shot, she just lost her authority with me seeing her that way. Anyway, judging people with what they say without really looking at what they are doing would only destroy a relationship that should have been a good one. It's just sad and sometimes infuriating.

Sometimes saying your opinion aloud without really thinking about it can lead to a negative outcome. This is because that we are already practicing prejudice to the point that it becomes a habit. So if you plan to wake up and change your mind, we should start with "pause and think before saying." Well I hope this advice reach her.

The good thing though, I think totally different. When someone prejudge you, try to think that you know why she or he did that. You don't have to prove anything or to say anything. You don't even have to be disappointed. It's their opinion anyway, and their opinion doesn't really matter. Some people are really stupid and understanding them at times is real hard. But it's my fault why i got affected. And i try to always think this way: they maybe mean or bad, but love them anyway. Just like what Mother Theresa once said..

p.s to that charged nurse and resident doctor. I love you for making me write this!
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