I started talking to a friend about anything, started sharing some music, and warned not to share it with anybody. I don't know, if I started to like a band, you don't want anyone else liking it.  When a band becomes too famous it loses its "famousness."

Then I started talking about friendly people. Friendly people lose their friendliness as well if they become too friendly or touchy or whatever. Yep I realize that  as well. Some people really don't talk to you, and they try real hard to do that, just to look cool. Yep I bet at the back of their mind is the concept of "being too friendly leads to less friendlilessness" If you know what i mean.

So i start thinking hey, why is it that way? Are we just selfish morons walking around the streets? I don't think so, maybe we're selfish with our own ideas. Plagiarism or whatever its called. Well I'm way off, anyway I'll still continue loving bands and music that are not yet that "famous."
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