Walking Dreams

Doug Firebaugh mentioned, “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” It is such a wonderful quote that made me think about my dreams and aspirations and of course the future. The world today is a different world. We see a lot of hardships, failures and all those related stuff. Sometimes we worry too much that we forget about our dreams and the opportunity within us and surrounding us. This is bad, people tend to forget, in the end, we question what we are all about. Dreams define people and people define dreams. It is a mystery that we face and we ought not to understand but to feel.

So while I was reading the quote, I realized that I have forgotten some of my childhood dreams, the dreams that were hidden and washed away. I recognized that we need reminders and I’m quite glad that I was reminded about them. Anyhow, the quote reached me and I subtly uttered the words “walking dreams”. I perceived those words as the future or maybe the present (whichever applies). I might not see it in me but I may see it onto others. See, these dreams when they are realized, they come with the person. That’s why when such person had reached his or her dreams, the dream walks with them, or rather they become the manifestation of their dreams and thus, walking dreams.

Someday my dream will walk and to get to that “someday”, I will have to inch my self further towards the realization of those dreams. What I can do right now, however, is to share this thought and urge everyone to follow their dreams and be reminded of how good it is to dream; reminded of how beautiful our childhood dreams were.. Life is a beauty after all. Move further and grow a little inch more. We then live for tomorrow..
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