The Importance Of Developing One's Self

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I once had a fear of failure – always afraid to start or pursue anything. In line with that, I also thought that there is nothing worth achieving, since what rises only falls or what lives will always die. However, this is such a depressing state of mind. The more you think of it, the more it burrows obscurity in you, leaving you emptied and exhausted. I learned that developing one’s self is a brighter way. It is the path to achieve many great things and a means to abandon the pessimistic thought of nothing is worth achieving. I realized that it was the voice of fear that was whispering to me telling me that everything is small and futile, when in fact, there are so many things to achieve, to reach, and so many wonderful views to see. I further realized that giving in to fear hinders anyone from self-actualization and their pursuit of happiness.

So why do people choose not to develop their self? Or why do they stop? Or do they really? Am I just misjudging them? Or myself? I do know that in one point or another we strive to grow and develop to something higher. It’s probably innate in us as humans. But sometimes, we have this shield of giving up and just rest with mediocrity. Do we just allow this and condemn ourselves? I would say not. 

How do we cultivate self-growth?

Developing one’s self may seem easy but it is not quite. As the famous philosopher quote, “the greatest journey is the journey to self”. We are treasures and we’re yet to find the map and key to uncover us. I speak of purpose and ideals here, they are in us and it takes a while or even a lifetime to discover them. The important fact is that we walk with such potential and yet many of us don’t know about it. It’s time to uncover the truth that we are far better than anything in this world, and that the answers lay within and not from trivialities. This path of actualization is a long one, but take note that it is an endless one. An irony and it is probably why one should always seek for it to better understand it. We are after all unique, and no one can really give you purpose or the right path except yourself.

It’s a risk. The path to developing self is a risk and it is an option. You may choose to decay and prevent growth, that’s fine. It’s your life after all. However, you should understand that to develop self is not a far dream. There are so many things to developing self and there’s no expert in this.  All I’m saying is that it is important to develop self because there is actually nowhere else to be. We are meant for so much more, we’re meant to grow and denying this fact of life will suck us out of life itself. 

Maybe I'm writing this post for me, to act as a reminder of such strong opinions. How about you, do you think it is important or is there a better way? Enlighten me. 
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