Pursuing Anything

There is a risk for dreaming anything. You should know dreaming, akin to complaining presents a call to action. It may seem vague, but once you realize that you need to get from point a to b, you are compelled to act upon it. Complaining in a way is mentioning a desire. It's just that you notice the undesired - such as complaining about your car, makes you feel obliged to do something about it, say buying a new one. See when you complain and not act on it you inadvertently begin to be insane or stupid, as Einstein said in his famous quote, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". As rational being, and humans as we are, we have the capability to do something about our situation. We have the power to make things happen.

When you dream you actually thought of the desired. We always think about the desired all the time, I mean I know a lot of people, including me, who spend my hours daydreaming of what if's and what could's. It's easy to dream, but you should know that dreaming itself is already a bold thing. You're actually telling yourself something to act upon, and this directly puts you in a choice - to do it or to drop it. Because it makes you insane. But why do people tend to stay insane? They continuously think about their dreams and yet not do anything. Well, there are several factors about it, but there's this one thing that surface out the most.

It's the thinking that we don't have the necessary things to achieve our goals. This stops most people. When we dream we always think about the obstacles and we then reason out that they're too big and we just have to give in to them. But let me tell you something, you have everything you need right now to achieve anything you want. Call it God, or the universe, but if you truly desire anything it will be provided to you, everything you ever need. 

Not convinced? Here is another point that may help, our dreams are actually valid dreams. We're beings that think of possible scenarios and they are genuinely possible because you conceived it. We only imagine things that are possible as it relates to our experience, lessons, the life we have so far, and so on. This means that we don't really dream of something of which we can't imagine. As you view it this way, you'll understand that everything is laid out. You just have to grab the tangible dream and act on it, which is by the way the challenging part. (that calls for another topic about discipline and consistency.)

In addition to my point, most of our dreams or aspirations today of what we can be or what we want to have, are already a copy of someone else's. Someone has already achieved it, say being rich, of course someone has achieved that. Bear in mind that if anyone could do it, you could do it as well. People  should ponder on this more often.

Now, there are a few who actually deviate of the norm, those who create something out of nothing. We call them crazy or naive. Indeed they are, and as history shows us, crazy or naive people are stupid enough to do the things that no one has reached before. And they do. It's a good thing to be crazy, to risk everything and dive in. It's different from insanity. It's a liberating act that skyrockets lessons in which you can apply to reaching the unreachable. 

Is it worth anything? This is a very strong question for me. Sometimes we may think that doing something or not doing anything at all are both the same. Indeed they are, in this life, you have a choice and pretty much it won't matter. You can be happy with any situation or circumstances but happiness is not permanent nor thus sadness. Success is not permanent and stability is a lie. Therefore, we are bound to move and grow. It's just life and that's just what it means living here in this world. This is a truth that may not be a truth for you now, but don't worry, everything and everyone has their own path, their lessons. The beauty of diversity, as this post seemingly be. My mind is diverse like that, and I have to end this to this.
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