Let Go Or Hold On

Have you wondered about when to let go and also when not to? There should be some sort of line there separating those two course of actions. But a thing that I discovered is that you can actually keep on going on and not giving up as long as you want, even if it's all against the odds. And apparently, you may also move on and let go as easily and as early as you can. You are the captain of the ship and you'll be surprised on how swift it is to make a decision.

But how do we know if it's a let go or a hold on? How do we know if we reached the line, when you can just make a decision as quick and as effortless? Well, there should be some factors to consider here and it'd be best to examine both.

On holding on

One thing I learned in this life is to not give up on the people you love. No matter how bad they do, if they truly are someone you love, then it won't matter. You have to trust them and hold on to them. You may call it unconditional love or just by truly seeking the goodness in them for you know they have it. In fact, we should find the goodness in all people. We can always find the goodness in each one, it's just a matter of time to find it if you truly consider it in them.

Anyhow, the point here is that you can always choose to hold on and if ever you want to hold on and never give up, might as well do it with the people you truly love. You don't have to give up on them, you can always hold on to them and love them. This may seem counterintuitive but it is valid and it can be a fruitful and meaningful decision. Some great people never give up.

Letting go

Another thing I learned in life is that to let go on things you have no control of. Basically, this could be others' decision to stay and to love you, you technically have no control of those. You'll be amazed that letting go and moving on can be an easy thing as long as you realize that many things are out of your control and holding on to those things will only disappoint you and suck you off your energy. You don't actually need anyone else in your life but you. This means that you can always let go of anything and still manage to survive. Some great people are masters of letting go.

As you can see, this quite contradicts to what I discussed about holding on earlier and in fact this is quite confusing, even baffling. For, how can you hold on, when you know some aspects of people are not of your control? And how can you easily let go, when they were ones the people you loved?

There could be something here, given those points above, we can see that both could be of the same essence. What possibly my point is that, letting go doesn't really mean that you're giving up while holding on doesn't really mean you've surrendered. It's tricky really, but if you let go, you trust the person to learn on his own, thus never giving up on him/her. While if you hold on, you surrendered something in you, to keep you on track. See there is a combination, an enchanting influence or connection of both. When you truly choose to one decision and live by it, you actually pursue and realize both. So you just have to pick one, depending on what you really want and just live by it.

For me, there's no wrong choice so no need to worry. Instead, the source of frustration likely comes from us not being strong enough to keep up to the decision and firmly hold on to it. This is where the depression comes, the pain and all those negative stuff. Hesitation and indecision sucks big time. However, if we discovered that it's all about how we do it, how we keep up to our decision and preserve our values for it, then we truly make a decision and truly let go and move on or hold on and not give up.

So have you figured out the thin line? I guess there's no thin line after all.
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