Waiting for sleep

I can’t sleep and inevitably my mind roams... I’ve been listening to the cover song that we will be playing this Sunday. It’s officially my first time to play a praise song in a band (future of forestry - gazing). My gut feeling tells me that this is going to be fun.

Anyhow this is not the point of this, I actually thought of something interesting. I found something in humans that certainly amaze me and I found this just recently. The word is "conviction."

We may know that conviction usually comes from our various beliefs, perhaps and most of the time, from goals, ideals, and so on. However, what I recently found is something different. People who are honestly convicted with their belief in God. I mean for real, and it’s kinda baffling. Seriously, I never felt like this when relating to Catholic priests I’ve known and even to some strict religious elders.

These are people of the same age as mine, and some even younger. It is crazy how I get so intimidated and at the same time in awe by them. The sincerity in their actions and in their words was too sarcastic for my taste that they suddenly look so genuine.

I’m certainly glad I met these guys. They seem to influence me in their enigmatic ways. Nonetheless, it marks something new for me. I told one friend that I’ve listened too much on science’s side of genesis, it’s perhaps time to listen to the counter part - God’s story. Me and my open-mindedness, thus a journey unfolds unexpectedly.

I’m neither giving up on my previous ideals nor plan on doing anything drastic or crazy. I am probably here to listen. Why the deuce am I writing this? I really wish sleep knocks me off now…

Well that’s pretty much for today. And so I leave you with this, “To whatever you believe in, may you have conviction. More often than not, it’s the only thing that matters and at remote times, the only thing we can cling to.“

p.s. Here's the cover.
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