I Am The Mountain I Am The Sea

mountain and sea
If you noticed my profile here in blogger, you'd see a lot of nice description about me. Basically, they  are labels that I want to call myself. I found out that I wanted to be that person someday.  Unfortunately, I was wrong about two things: I don't want it and it won't be someday.

I don't want it

I was a kid when it first dawned that I want to be someone great. Someone worth remembering or someone who could be written in someone else's journal, blog or book. When I was 23 I realized that I could be anything I want as long as I believed in it. I'm glad I joined PALS (Personal Awareness and Leadership Seminar) and realized that concept early in life. But what I do not get however, is that why I haven't been better for the past two years. I am still the same old me, and I don't seem to see any improvements in my life. I figured that I don't really want what I wanted in the first place...

Instead, I am already one. I am who I want already, and it is not just a label. I have always kept a mindset that once I label myself as this and that, I'd become one someday. However, this mind set is wrong for I am already who I am. I don't need any labeling, I just have to act upon it. What you do is what you are. I know it's a cliche, yet not everyone understands this. We chose to not act and just depend on situations, relying on other people and their decisions and much worse, relying on circumstances. Whether it's a perfect day or not, we have to do what we are. It's not our hold if it rains, but it's our hold if we continue to go to work. Nothing can stop us. We just have to be alive and creative. 

You've guessed it right, It's not Someday

We don't have to wait for the perfect time to act and do things in line with what and who we truly are. I love to write, and I label myself as an amateur blogger. I don't really know how to write and I don't even feel confident with how I write, but I have no other option but to write. I have to accept this reality in me. I can't get the things I want when I'm not ready to accept them. I am also convinced that if I write on a regular basis, the inevitable will come and that is to improve. I may not notice this right now and results may seem bleak, but I'm not missing the big point, which is, the process is the result. I think I don't have to explain that.

One road block we face about becoming awesome is the fear of being judged. Most of us get scared of being judge and the like, we should realize that all of that does not matter. What people say is not the truth, rather, what you say to yourself is the sole truth for you. Impress yourself rather than trying to impress everyone. Nothing good comes out from impressing everyone. I don't even believe that's possible.

We don't have to be too strict on ourselves in aligning ourselves to our purpose and goals. Instead we focus on the fact that we are far greater than we are and we all have the potential. We can be anything. "I am the mountains I am the sea,  no one can take that away from me." (my favorite lyrics from the song mountains by Biffy Clyro) Yes we are...

If you were to decide on who you want to be whilst thinking that nothing is impossible, how would you choose your life to be?

Mountains by Biffy Clyro on Grooveshark
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