Excerpt from the Actual Stocks Update March 2013

Just don't mind the paragraphs on this page. Focus on the table below. This is the SAM table as of March 13, 2013. If you don't know about SAM yet, read this first.

As you can see on the header, we have stock, current price, buy below price, target price, action to take. Here's how each signifies:

Stock - is the list  of SAM stocks that you can invest to. It listed in stock codes

Current Price - this is the exact amount per share of the stock indicated basing on the date (March 13, 2013). This varies every minute and each day.

Buy Below Price - this is very important. Only buy when shares cost below the price indicated.

Target price - this is the right price to sell. (If you stick to buying while price is under buy below price, then you will get good gains once you sell on the right price) As a member for a year now, I've seen stocks reach their target price as predicted.

Action to take - this tells you what to do and special instructions like the one on the last of the list.

I left two values in the table to give you a distinct example on why one is advised as continue buying and the other stop buying for now. You can see on the third company, the current price is higher than the buy below price. This indicates that you stop buying for now and continue buying once you get the amount lesser than the buy below. The second on the list indicates a good opportunity to buy shares of the company.

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