Hard Disk On An Impending Doom

I was using my laptop (mbp 2011 model) on bootcamp windows 7 when a warning message suddenly popped, stating my hard disk has a problem. I didn't pay any particular attention to it at that moment since I often get error messages when using windows. However, when I went back to my native OS, which is Mountain Lion, I was dumbfounded when finding out that the red flag was indeed real.

In my disk utility app, it showed a S.M.A.R.T. status warning that my hard disk is bound to fail and that I should backup my files and replace the hard drive as soon as possible. It was exactly like those times when you want to punch the screen upon seeing that ugly lady's face on horror pranks. "How the heck did this happen?!" The laptop's age hasn't even reached two years yet.

I did my research on google and discovered that I have to really backup my files now since there is no telling when the hard drive would give in. It put me on dismay, especially when considering apple service charges and the time it takes for fixes. I tried, to contact my guy in iCenter and she said that they have a 500 service charge just for consultation. I guess not bad, but I pretty much know already that I have to replace the hard drive and that's gonna cost. Ouch.  But there's no point of worrying. I mean nothing lasts forever right? And I think I did a really good job in exploiting this laptop ever since day one (talk about non stop use and using it like a server).

Anyway, there are also good things that I discovered while facing this predicament. In the absence of an external HD or huge memory-size flash drives, I discovered an ingenious way of backing my files. I went on and installed google Drive and stored my important files there. It's like dropbox, where you store files on the cloud (If you don't know about dropbox, then you should check it out. It's an amazing invention). I have always used google docs ever since I worked online and I'm glad that I get to have 5 Gigs of free space for Google Drive. If you are wondering, my dropbox is almost reaching its limits since I use it all the time to share files with friends.

Facing hard drive problems for the first time made me thought of upgrading to SSDs and maximizing cloud technology to store my important documents. Cloud technology definitely chunks off worry in the instance your hard disk surprises you of a sudden death.
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