7 Benefits Of Being Positive

7 Benefits Of Being Positive
It’s always easier to feel down and complain on how bad the world is. I don’t know what has gotten into us that we find it comfortable to blame others and the world for most of our miseries. I used to be like that. In fact, I was the worst of its kind. I don’t see opportunities, I hate my college course, I hate my parents for settling in middle-class, I wish they had a business setup already and I'll just inherit it, I hoped for the government to stop getting our taxes, they just put it in their pockets anyway, I hate Mondays and Sundays (Sundays just because the next day is Monday), and the list keeps going, longer, perhaps endless.

What I didn’t realize is that there’s no point in being negative and complaining all the things happening in my life. My parents will stay the same, my friends will not change, my course or job will stay the same, and so on. I discovered in a seminar back in 2010 that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity (Einstein said so). I never think the same way again. I now question everything, especially things that I complained or think negatively about. I realized that they were all in a loop. In as much as I hate to admit it, negativity all started from me, others or the world has nothing to do with it. So, slowly, I decided to stop complaining, and see things on the brighter side, and be influenced by positive things.

To show you that I changed, that I’m striving to be better, I will share to you the benefits of being positive even if you may think astutely that I’m in one way or another a hypocrite or even a wannabe. The truth is, I can’t care enough. What matter is we try, and even better if we share. :-) (Yes I have to put a smiley to that).

1. You see the Big Picture

If you just focus on the small fry, the small troubles, and transient worries you have, then you will live miserably, if not just for a day, but days of your life. Being positive allows you to see the big picture. That there’s a greater picture than what you are seeing. Ask yourself, will these troubles, problems, and worries matter in the long run?

2. You realize you have endless possibilities

Being positive is opening the invisible doors around you. You see things in better perspectives. You see people in a beautifully unique way. Once you walk into those doors -- a light, a realization, will greet you with each revealing you a message: life is beautiful. The possibilities are endless.

3. Everything is easier

If you think it’s hard or impossible, then you are right. If you think it’s easier, you are right as well. See it’s all about mindset. It’s funny to reckon how simple things are. What you think is what you create.

4. You no longer get sick

I am no doctor or researcher, but I’m just going to point out something. You actually see things brighter now if you think positively. Even having a terminal disease may seem to be not-so-much-of-a burden or difficulty as compared to a person who is chiefly depressed or negative given that bad news. As a positive person, you see purpose on things. I know it’s cliché, but we live life looking for our purposes. A sickness may not be a sickness at all. I don’t think I made a good point of explaining this, but hopefully you get the appeal of it.

5. You enjoy the ride

Staying positive and bringing your own weather, which is an ever-bright sunny one, gets you through life like having an exciting ride. All the time anticipating better and greater things. Like a child opening gifts during Christmas, always looking forward for a surprise.

breathe life6. You become a source of inspiration

It may sound ironic, but you should feel a better sense of worth when people go to you whenever they have problems. Don’t hate these people who are in need of attention, appreciation, or inspiration, for they all see you as a source of one. Wouldn’t it be epic to be a light in the world?

7. Lastly, it’s no good to be sad

Thinking positively even if I don’t really see it sometimes is better than sulking and being inoperable on most days. Sometimes, I just fake it until it becomes real. The body deceives the mind. The moment you just go out there to have a jog or dance to a fine rhythm, your mind will appreciate the efforts of the body, and thus, inevitably, you become happy too.

Happiness is totally better than sadness, positivity than negativity. If you agree with this, then by all means necessary hate sadness, throw away worries, and live the life you wanted.
(Photo credit for the pretty girl Kevin Jethro Abad Photography)
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