We all want to sleep and dream of things that are unreal. Why would we want to dream more? Is reality that harsh? Questions spinning around. Is life so real? Is there no more room for dreams in the real world? Questions that I spun around..

There are times when we feel down and all. There would be times that we want to sleep, rather than be awake. Still, we are here in this world to stay awake and watch the world unfolds. But if our eyes are weary, then should we close them and dream about the other world of fantasy?

While closing our eyes everything becomes dark. But our mind makes the picture, and put colors to it. A beautiful fantasy world unfolds. Opening our eyes would only make us see the imperfect world. Stained with everything. We see people hurting other people. We see suffering, sacrifice, and sadness. Should we close our eyes just because everything is perfect when we close them?

Yet, when we think about it, we can't see beauty if we close our eyes. We see the beauty of the world, amidst its imperfectness. It is with eyes wide open that we see people loving one another despite a world of suffering. When we open our eyes more, we can actually help people, we may able to reach out to them, and put color in their lives.. If we open our eyes, we see the people living in the world as who they are.

So if only dreams become real. If only reality entangles fantasy. But the thing is, it won't. So would we rather sleep and never wake up? No, let's open our eyes and grow..

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