Problems are blessings. A kid told me once. That is quite a nice thing to say coming from a kid. Come to think about it. What a nice thing if problems are indeed blessings. How come such a worrying thing becomes a blessing?

But as i realize how the world moves and how God wants us to see the world. Problems are inseparable with our lives. We are destined to live life, and life is always attached to time, problems, and death.

But we are here in this world to grow. I've realized that in order to grow we need to step up, stand, walk and run. One way of stepping up, of standing and running is to face the challenges of life.. and that includes problems.

Now as I see this kind of perspective.. Problems are there to make us grow. We can't be somebody without them. It urges us to make decisions in life. Somehow, problems could indeed be blessings. The kid could be right. God gave us problems to help us grow. He doesn't want us to stay in one position or location.

Problems are there to bend our knees towards him not to break our backs.
Think about it. and maybe someday we would all thank God for our problems.
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