Dig Deeper

We are here in this world as treasure hunters. We seek and discover new things to get the treasures of happiness, of contentment and pleasure. Sometimes we forget what is our purpose, and "why we are here".

Don't wait for tomorrow to begin. We don't need to wait for summer, if it's still winter. Believe in yourself and your potential. You outgrow your warmth within and spread the spirit. Try to spread your wings and spirit and reach other people along the way. For sure summer breeze will arise.

Do good and be good. Spread the treasures of the mind. Knowledge, art, ideas, and love, these treasures of the mind would not only help you grow, but could be the instrument to build a better world.

Dig deeper in helping others. Dig deeper in loving yourself. Dig deeper and find the treasure that you're looking for. Dig deeper for better things, and never give up.

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