Awareness and Leadership

Had my first day of PALS seminar and I kinda learned a lot of things. I'm not going to discuss much of anything though. What's awesome about it is that I could relate it with the networking business.

Learnings for today: Not all people are the same, we are basically divided in to 4 domains of personalities. The controller, the supporter, the promoter and the analyst. Somehow, we  have dominant characteristics within us. With this in mind, we should have different ways on how to handle and approach them.

Among these groups, the controller and the promoter are the risk takers. I thought of myself as a promoter. Promoter and Controller are the risk takers. But I really don't think I'm much of a risk taker though. I also analyze stuff first before I actually join them, so maybe I could consider myself a bit of an analyst. By the way, analyst read the manuals first before engaging. They plan and think almost all the time, and can be very systematic. The controllers are the one's who are quite dominant and wants to get things the way they want it to be.

In this network marketing business, I need both supporters and also promoters. But definitely not controllers and analyst, well analyst can be but not to the point that the opportunity slipped away just because of over analyzing.Supporters on the other hand, are easy to recruit but hard to make them commit, they very much need a leap of faith to join or to risk their assets. Unfortunately, a negative tendency of supporters is that they don't have much guts to take control of the business, they might be afraid to venture out and "sell" the product since they are quite the "buyer" type of people.

Though I might say that the best for this job are the promoters, this could also be wrong. Basically, promoters are the one who aren't afraid to find great ideas in "selling" the product. They could be great risk takers as well.

But still, empowering people and making them see what your point of view is the best strategy. Never give up on people and most importantly never cease to continue spreading the good news.


(selling doesn't mean selling physical products, it means that it is an attitude where they usually suggest something like ideas on to other people)
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