Why We Easily Spend Money?

Why We Easily Spend Money
This post is not for everyone. I mean if you already know how to manage your money and really save up, then kudos to you for doing a great job!  But for the rest of us who don’t seem to value money to an extent, or to those who don’t get why they are always broke and looking earnestly for the next pay day, then we might consider that we have a spending issue, which is the matter I wish to tackle in this post.

Money, as what I mentioned on a previous post, is a fickle thing. It disappears easily. We may ask the following: Why is that we lose money so easily? Why does it seem that we have no control of money? Instead, it’s the other way around that which money controls us. By asking these questions, we somehow see that money is alive. It may sound absurd but if money has a power to control us and is able to spends itself on its own, then it got to be alive.

To ponder on money as sort of a living thing is, rather, a grave matter. Imagine being controlled and always at the mercy of money. It’s like having a new set of parents dictating our every move. The point is this should not be the case. We should reconsider our concept of money.

The better concept(s) of Money

The concept of money is one we usually fail to consider. It is not just money for money’s sake. As you add value and meaning to money, you will gradually see it as something alive, and thus, it is one you can befriend or make an enemy with. Let me remind you that money as an enemy could overrule you once you give in, and it’s a type of ruler that has the power to enslave your time and needs.

So how can we befriend money and try to manage it? I may not be an expert or anything, and to be honest, I am quite amateur on this concept of money as well; however, with my years of research and discoveries, I have reached understandings that might be of real value, or if not, are still considered worthy of thoughts.

First is, money is everywhere

I remembered telling a friend that money is one of the most abundant resources today. I don’t exactly know what I meant at that time, but I solely based it on the fact that almost every single thing in this world already has a corresponding value. As you think of it, you can give a price of anything that you have right now, which includes your clothes, your computer, your house, your gadgets, and sometimes, even our selves. People seem to price everything. Viewing it in a positive light, money is certainly everywhere, and by that, it is quite abundant.

Money is hidden in each one's pockets

I also keep an idea that money is just in the pockets of people. If you stand in a crowd and ask them to lend or give you money (say 10 pesos) for a reasonable cause, I think most, if not everyone, of them have the amount and are willing to offer it.

This leads us to two points. First, people are actually willing to offer the money to you, especially if they like you or they think you are worthy of it. Second, scale this scenario up to a thousand or even millions of people and suddenly the “ten pesos” won’t be the tiny little penny you thought it was - you now accumulated thousands or even millions.

These two concepts, that money is abundant and people are willing to offer you money if you just do something that makes them to, unlocks a secret - the secret of managing, or even, making money.

The many ways to make money

There’s a lot of ways to obtain money from somebody else’s pocket. It could be in a form of investment. You should know that you could obtain money from companies, like what others do in stocks or Mutual Funds. It could also be in a form of business, like creating something that generates money such as selling goods, offering services and so on. Of course, there are many more ways, and it’s basically up to you if you want to make more money.

With these concepts, it won’t take long for you to develop an attitude that enables you to manage money and prevent it from controlling your life (I really hope it does). Money should stay at its rightful place, which is to kneel at your mercy and disposal.

I know that these thoughts of money might be too ideal or hard to imagine, but I don’t expect you to grasp everything, even I don’t grasp it, well, not that much yet. But at least, we somehow tried to think of the possibilities and thus (which I strongly believe) make us better in handling money.
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