Procrastination or simply the fear of accomplishing things

Yep I have written something out because i have so much "lesser time" once again. I tend to have a lot of things to do when i choose not doing the real things that i should do. Moreover, when you work longer you tend to have lesser and lesser things to do. Damn! That was a lot of "do's" in a sentence. harhar. I know... I ache in english.... But anyways, back to the topic. Such "occurrence" is a natural phenomenon for me. Indeed, I am a slave of the sad old procrastination.

It's always sweet to do things that are not important. I realized that i love to procrastinate, but as i go deeper in searching for answers to solve it, I found something else.  But first let me tell you that i didn't get any decent answer from formspring either. People gave me "I don't knows" and one person told me to destroy my tv and throw away my laptop since she believes that's the only way to avoid it. Well, that is totally not a cheap solution for me to consider.

Anyhow, this is what i realized...

I figured that I have a  fear of accomplishing things. Maybe, that's the very reason why i procrastinate. But isn't giving in to the fear of accomplishing things a form of procrastination? You see, the moment "i fear" accomplishing something, i tend to do nothing at all. So i guess killing the fear eliminates the chance of me procrastinating.

"Accomplishments are so awesome that people fear them." (nailed it!)

I am not certain with this notion, but from what i observed, people tend to dream less nowadays. I strongly believe that we settle for less and ditch accomplishments. Maybe there's a connection, maybe there isn't. Well, who the heck cares? I just wanted to say that i made a link between procrastination that it roots from fearing something, which is most likely making accomplishments. How bout you? What do you think?

Skullcandy skullcrusher indeed

What the heck is wrong with this set of headphones?? I can't make use of it for a longer time. It literally crushes my head. I should have read the name first before even thinking of purchasing it.  Anyway,  I had the device for three years now but I haven't really used it that much till  now. Boy! It was horrible. I cant even enjoy a single movie wearing it. The side of my head aches. Geez...

I'm considering to buy a new one. This time, I think I'll go for studio type of headsets. This time with a good fit, of course. I want snug but not too tight. Anyhow, eyeing on the Sennheisser babies. (Don't know if i got the spelling right and i don't have any clue of which model I will be buying.) Heard good reviews about the brand.

So what else? hmmm.. I guess that's about it for now. See ya.

What happens when you lack a finger on both hands and you need hand gestures for the trackpad of MacBook pro?

It would be miserable right? You can’t do the gestures of swiping and doing expose and all in the MacBook laptop. Luckily, I have my fingers complete. It’s just got me thinking what if I have such misfortune.

Why I’m writing this post is simply to share my thoughts on how it could get for you to lack something very essential. We should be happy with what we have.. bla bla bla. Yes its totally nonsense, but you get what I mean. So be happy. I wish that was simple.

Right now I’m depressed without knowing why I get to be. Could it be the hangover from beer? It’s a depressant so I’m guessing it ruins your hormones and mood and feelings and so on. Whatever, but I hate being depressed being incompetent and lack of action.  That’s why I thought of logo therapy and all. It gives way to my thoughts regarding the lacking finger. That’s sad, but I’m sad as well. We are sad sometimes. I just hate it when I’m sad. I guess we all do.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I get inspired to write when I feel sad. What the heck, I’m part of the “emo” class. This is disgusting. I remembered back in the days when I write poems and songs when I get sad. It’s not at all weird but it’s worth to note. All in all, “I’m glad that I get to be sad”..

I kept on listening to the song “Miss Misery” by Elliott Smith, why the hell do good musicians have to die? The world needs them. I surely want some more of these songs. It makes me crazily depressed. A sad song is a cute song for me.. Try to listen to it and truly miss misery.. Don’t forget to loop it down.

It’s all right to get nothing to do, to get depressed and to think how better you are compared to a person lacking fingers who can’t make use of the gestures on a mac. I mean what am I saying? I don’t know anymore. Let’s just move on with life.

As the song goes, "I'll fake it through the day with a help from johnny walker red"