The meaning of Death

Death is a ceaseless occurrence or phenomenon that all living would someday face. I just visited two funerals last weekend and it was a new experience that led me to ask the question, "Why do people die?"

One of my teacher said that we live to die. For me, it's like a pessimistic way of seeing that we are living but it's temporary for we are bound to die. To think of it, we are here to live in this temporary world, with temporary feelings, temporary smiles and sadness, and whatsoever. Maybe people wanted to die after all and get away from all these "temporariness." The burden of these thoughts gets tiresome at times, if you know what I mean, but if not, then I'll explain it to you.

If only things were not temporary, you'd find love and it stays forever, you bought a new stuff like a computer or guitar and they last forever, you gave birth and the life last forever, you found happiness and happiness stays forever. What a weird and at the same time awesome world that would be.

But if you turn the statement live to die other way around that would result to: you will have to die in order to live. Dying is a form of living. Let's call it essence or energy for the thing that is left behind other than the body after death. This essence is spread to every love ones or people you have touched, and it stays with them. Also in dying you can feel that something has become alive, we can't pinpoint it or describe it, but it is there. For me it is an endless cycle, one that I can't comprehend as well.

But nothing is forever, well maybe after dying our essence would be in a state of something like forever but not necessarily like it, it is a word that is not coined yet. And in reply to my "ifs" on the love stays forever and all, is the other scenario where one may find hatred, then it would mean that the unlucky person shall stay with hatred forever, if sadness then it stay forever. You can't be in happiness and in sadness at the same time. It's ironic and its weird. Our current human state and our human minds can never comprehend that, it would be too complicated.

What I'm guessing is, the meaning of death is to actually be human. Live in a temporary world and die in a temporary world. Death is just a part of our human self, our human phenomenon, and our human thoughts, after that we become something we don't even know yet but we are certain about. That is oneness with everything, a subtle essence that plays part in the entire universe, and not just the world and people surrounding you. And for those people who are left behind in the temporary world, they sometimes feel the "essence" of the person who has left.

Well, with all of the stuff mentioned, I still don't know exactly the meaning of death. These thoughts even made me a lot more confused now. I would have to meet my deathbed to be able to answer these questions. But i can't wait for that, i just can't wait...

Fail with consequence, lose with eloquence and smile.

Was my favorite line from the song "consequence" by notwist, a very good song to listen and I just thought of sharing it to people. This song definitely makes me think a lot, and at the same time, makes you think less. I know its kinda weird, but these kinds of songs would be a perfect fit for background music especially areas of our lives where we feel like we're in movies, or lapses of infinity, or moments where we are hypnotized.

Life, enormous as it may be, is totally like music for me. You just open your ears, like what you do when you open your eyes. I let the colors of the song sink in, make it burst in my eardrums, rapidly splurging my brain's neuroacousticsensors for a treat of pleasure. And the beauty of it in life, same with music, is that you almost get it anywhere and anytime, to unexpected points of our lives.. It just "leaves me paralyzed" (another line from the song)

I love the song and i tried to loop it on youtube but i cant find a way to do it but it doesn't matter, sometimes in life we don't really care how many times we click the "play button". We're crazy at times, we always do the same thing all over again.  We all go through the hassle for the thing/s we love and as the song goes "leave me paralyzed love" (got to click play again)

by the way i discovered this song while watching "push", i'm not sure if i entirely love the movie, anyhow it just came perfect with the scenes. I got to say thank you (to the movie) for that, played it again.