The Holy 10 Percent - The Secret To Saving

The Secret To Saving
Saving has always been a struggle for me. It's usually easy for one to spend money on things that's passing rather than considering the better choice of saving. It's easy to be mystified and obey the urge of buying a new, trendy pair of shoes, gadgets or have an extravagant night-out with friends. Unfortunately, having no savings so often leads to despair.

I get upset realising that I don't have enough money when a good opportunity for investment comes or when a long-awaited sale arrives. Most frequently than not, I get gloomy contemplating that I don't have anything substantial in the bank. But this did not go as such for long. Though I'm not talking that I found an absolute solution, I consider it lucky to meet such a good approach.

I call this the holy 10 percent. It basically means saving up or setting aside 10 percent from each income or inflow of money you get. It's quite easy and anyone can start today!

Say you get a salary of 20,000 pesos, you simply set aside 2000 for your savings.  This means that even if you just get a 200-pesos salary or allowance a day, you should be able to set aside 20 pesos for this purpose. Hence, it does not matter how small or big your income flow is. You only need to meet 10 percent and that's it. This is what Robert Kiyosaki, the author of poor dad rich dad, refers to as paying yourself first.

The truth is, most of us never reach a certain amount of savings because we never set aside money in the first place. Another known reason of failure is unwisely saving too much or in bulk. Depending on your control (which usually requires great amount of discipline), this could be fine. However, if you eventually feel drained and end up using the money after all, especially when "seemingly demanding" necessities arrive, then this is certainly not working for you. As you can see, this is the benefit of getting 10 percent only. It's really a small amount compared to the whole and in fact, you won't even notice the deduction.

But, being able to save up the 10 percent is only half of the story. You should have something to look forward to make it worthwhile. In short, you have to give it a meaning and purpose. Consider these scenarios:

Scenario 1: A dear friend came to you and proposed a business plan that you really think would take off. But unfortunately, you don't have enough money to invest at the moment and so your friend goes to another person that he could do the business venture while leaving you behind…

Scenario 2: You've been wanting to invest in stocks, but couldn't seem to find a way to save up for the initial investment (which is by the way 5000 pesos only). Or you might have really considered investing in stocks or mutual funds but you don't see yourself able to cope with the challenge of setting aside an amount each month.

The answer to all these scenarios is the holy 10 percent! And I think you're now getting the value of this. You don't really have to worry about anything. You just set aside 10 percent of money and consider it gone. It might be best not to call this savings. Just call it something else, perhaps the holy 10 percent! hihi. Just because you do know that it is an investment for the future - serves for a better purpose.

You can also expand this to three 10-percents. I do this, but it's up to you if you follow it. The first 10 percent, I devote it to my long term investments (the one we've been talking about so far). It could be stocks, mutual funds or regular savings. The second 10 percent goes to ideas. It could lead to a business opportunity. This goes for your wildest imaginations, which you think may profit onwards. Lastly, I set aside another 10 percent for giving or tithes. It's basically returning some of your blessings to the world just because you are so blessed! Awesome right?

I find these three 10-percents very fulfilling. Though it might be a challenge at first, you'll certainly get the hang of it. The secret is setting aside the 10 percent first thing whenever you receive a pay, unexpected bonus, other income, or even from gifts. Make it a priority. Following this approach, you will truly reach abundance and perhaps worry less about the future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stocks

Frequently Asked Questions About Stocks
This post tries to answer frequently asked questions about Stock Market, Truly Rich Club, and COL Financial. These definitions and answers all come from my thoughts, understanding, as well as experience. Feel free to tell me if you need to add a question or even answers and/or clarifications.

What is Stock Market?

Stock market is a mode of investment that any Filipino can venture. It involves buying shares from companies by following a simple law of trade, which is buy low sell high. There are various investing strategies out there one can try. But basically, buying on enduring companies gives a higher chance of profit.

Some people may say investing in stocks is risky and they never bother to consider it. Indeed, it is risky as to any investments. Don't just be anyone, try learning more of it and rid ignorance. The choice is yours in learning more of investing in stock market today.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is the weighing and managing of risks so that events or results turns out beneficial or in favor to you. Investing always involves risk. Therefore, you should check modes of investments and see what fits for you. Try to identify and analyze risks before making decisions but keep in mind that you have to take actions too.

In stocks, you may go with a strategy with higher or lower risks. For example, with a high risk strategy you go for daily trades involving huge-value shares. This may lead to immediate and big profit but it could also be instant loss. Low to moderate risk, on the other hand, involves investing a small amount each month or quarterly and letting it grow for the long run. It may take time but the risks of losing your money decreases.

How much do you need to start investing in stocks?

The online broker COL only requires single investors an initial deposit of 5000 php. If you have that amount then you can start right now and enroll. However, you should keep in mind that to enjoy the benefits of stock market, one should consider investing on a regular  basis. This means sparing any amount of your income flow to let your stock portfolio grow. I suggest 10% of your income flow each month (I'll talk more about this on another post).

Can anyone join?

Yes (at least from what I know). The head of Truly Rich Club even opened accounts for his kids.

Do you have to check the stock statuses/trades all the time?

This depends. If you consider joining truly rich club and get stock updates from them, you don't need to frequently check stock status. This also goes the same if you invested using EIP (Easy Investing Program) or long term investments. However, if you are a day-to-day trader, then you'd want to check your stocks status frequently.

What is Truly Rich Club?

Truly Rich Club is a good aid for your investment venture in the Philippine stock market. Learn more about it here.

Why COL financial/ CITISEC Online?

Despite the fact that they are online brokers, which means they have 24 hours access; they also have fairly priced transaction fees. Fees are only applicable after a succeeded trade.

COL FINANCIAL fees: commission fee - 0.25% of Gross Trade amount, VAT - 12% of commission, PSE Transaction FEE - 0.005% of Gross Trade amount, sales tax - 0.50% of Gross trade amount. Minimum fee of 20 pesos per transaction.

Since it is online, you can check the latest stock information anytime, make some changes anywhere or contact them anytime. Help desk are prompt in their replies for queries as well.

How to enroll to COL Financial?

Watch this video.

How do I put money in COL

You have a lot of options to do so but basically it involves depositing in the bank. Instructions are found in COL Financial Website. You might as well enroll to online bank such as BPI express online. I do this to save the hassle of going to bank whenever I need to fund my account. Enrolling is easy.

How do you withdraw?

You might be wondering how to withdraw with COL financial when you finally decide to get your gains. You can actually do so by submitting a request. They have a form for this that you get from the site. It usually requires a personal appearance in their main office in Pasig City. However, there is an option that a representative can get the cheque for you provided they authorization and proof of identification (usually including a photocopy of your ID). Take note that the cheque will only be payable under the customer account holder's name.

Tip: If you're investing in stock market you may want to withdraw your money less often and only if necessary. Letting your assets roll for a good time may give you better returns.

How do you buy shares?

Once you have a money deposited in COL Financial, you will get a an actual balance and a buying balance (called buying power). You just have to check (also called getting the quote) the STOCK Company you want to buy using their stock code. Once you know the current price of the company you then make a trade buy stating the amount of shares and the price. Make sure you do your trades while the market is open this is from 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday. I usually do my trades around 1 pm or in the afternoon so that I'd have an idea how the stock price would likely land for the day.

Stock prices are volatile and change every minute (specifically 15 seconds). Consider trading with the last price of the stock share to get a better chance of successful trade. You'll get trade confirmations the following day to let you check if there are any discrepancies or errors. Just go ahead and confirm with your password if your trade was all correct.

Take note that your trades may not push through but there's no charge for this. This happens when the price of the stock changed by the end of the day and your selling or buying price was far off.

P.S. This list is constantly updated. Please feel free to comment or even suggest answers or questions alike.

COL Financial Enrollment Guide

This is a quickly made tutorial on how to enrol in COL Financial (CITISEC). COL financial is one of the leading online brokers here in the Philippines. They have wonderful accounts that help people jumpstart their investments even with a small starting amount.

Here's the video:

Link for COL Financial :

Here's a pdf from COL financial to help you fill up the form: Fill-up Form Guide

If you haven't checked my other blog about stock market, then feel free to do so. Here's the link.

If you have no idea on how to invest with stocks but you're one of those who just feel that they can do it, then consider joining Truly Rich Club

How Money Can Buy Happiness

toy and money
I'll start by saying that, "Money can buy happiness". It might not be exactly as what you think it is though. It's not using money to buy things for the reasons of impressing others the way to achieve happiness, or trying to bribe people to complement your ends, or any of the like. It's actually a different type of utilizing money. It's buying something that makes other people happy, which inherently reciprocates the joy to the buyer. This method of allocating money is a simple form of "giving".

Money gives you an opportunity to give. Once you use it for this purpose, you'll achieve fruitful results in many aspects of your life. If you think haven't experienced this yet, try to remember an instance in your life when you have given something without expecting anything in return. It is highly probable that you used your own money or resources to such act. You may have felt bliss immediately right after the act of giving. This phenomenon has been fortified by many recent studies, and probably the reason why the saying, "To give is to receive," has been everlasting.

We were always taught that pursuing money brings nothing good. Now is the right time to question this belief. Should you not easily consider in any quotes or beliefs you encounter? Buddha answered:  "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense".

In my point of view, all quotes originated from someone who reached a certain deeper realization, insight, or moment of transcendence. For example, the quote "money can't buy happiness" holds true to some but not everyone. If you are still struggling with money and in all honesty you feel glad or secure having money, then money is your happiness.

One should consider who said the quote. Perhaps people who have reached the top of the world and had all the riches and gold may have said that money cant buy happiness. That's fine, because it holds true to them. Unfortunately, unless you reach the same level of realization or experience, you may not hold that statement as true. You have to achieve or reach a certain point of realization similar to the person who made the quote. This is also the reason why quotes are always "original". In Philosophy, the moment one reaches and stated something about it, that remains true and unique to him or her - thus, creating an original quote from that person.

Going back, I assume you've heard that money is the source of all evil. There's actually a revision for that: "The lack of money is the source of evil." Look at everywhere. People kill or inflict pain to get somebody else's resources. People have greed because they lack money. People even lie to get money. Abundance of money and financial stability will help you get rid these negative desires or acts.

Though there's still a problem with this revised quote. Saying something to be a source of evil is primarily faulty and out of the question. Only people can do evil things. It's our intent combined with actions that make circumstances evil. Even good things can be turned evil.

What I'm trying to say is use your money wisely. Buy happiness by giving more and sharing your resources. The more you do so, the more you attract positive things in your life. You'll soon realize that you'll never run out of all these positive things, including money.

Cheers to your abundance!

Why Join The Truly Rich Club?

Truly Rich ClubOn my previous post All About Investing in Stock Market, I have mentioned truly Rich Club a couple of times. This next post will give you the reasons why joining this club headed by Bo Sanchez could lead you to your success in the Philippine Stock Market and probably other aspects of your life.

About the club (more likely)

To be honest, I don't really know much about the club when I started. I mean who cares about history anyway? However, it would still be better to know even just a bit about it, especially for those who don't easily trust (which is perfectly normal by the way).

Truly Rich Club started 2010. This is the year when they released their very first stocks update. You might be wondering why the club is still so young. Well, it's because Bo Sanchez became financially successful just recently. He started to invest in stocks market with the helped of a core group of stock advisors and analysts, which is also the team providing the stock updates today. At that time, Bo could not imagine how he was so blessed and gained so much in stocks that he decided to share this knowledge to everyone. He thought that if he could do it, then anyone could.

The club aims to amplify people's wealth awareness by sharing established concepts of prosperity and financial freedom yet still rooted from biblical principles.

I'd like to give a heads up that Bo, being a spiritual leader and firm believer, may usually link his products with faith. If you are not particular with this or if you'd love that, then that's great. But if you don't share the same views on the doctrines, then that's perfectly fine since you can just go ahead and tick only stocks updates and disregard the rest of the e-mail subscription. Of course, you may always check some of the posts, videos and audios if you feel like getting the important gists of it.

The club has several membership types.  Take note that all you need to get the stock info is the basic membership, referred to as gold membership. You may check the upgraded types later on once you get the groove of the club.

That's pretty much all you need to know. Now let's get on the good part.

In regards to stocks

Stock market is one of the many vehicles in investing. Here in the Philippines, research show that only 1 percent of people participate in Stocks. This Club helps people manage risk and learn to invest the right way.

Basically, they give you in-depth researched information about stocks where they suggest which ones to buy. The founder is confident about this that he boldly shares which stocks he has been buying. You also get to know the history of the stocks and progress if you buy with him and follow his advice.

I know that what I just mentioned is kind of vague. So for the benefit of everyone reading this post, I will share what exactly the club has to offer. In the club's stock market updates, sent to you by e-mail, you get to meet SAM (Strategic Averaging Method). SAM is what they refer to their list of the best companies to invest in at any given time. And yes, these are also the companies Bo is currently investing in. This list is what you need from the stocks update.

SAM simplifies everything for you. You now have a clear idea when is the right time to buy since it offers you a buy below price as well as a target price. So just buy the SAM companies while they fall under the buy below price (buy low) then sell them when they reach the target (sell high). In addition, there's no need to worry if you don't frequently check your online portfolio for the club notifies you (through email) if it's the right time to sell. Of course, other important notifications are given too like baby boomers, hold alert, and so on.

Quite simple right? It trulllyy is.

BUT you know what? Since you've been reading this post I'll let you see the actual SAM pdf email just to give you a crystal clear idea on what you're getting. Here's the link  (You're welcome. ^^)

What else do you get?

Aside from the bi-monthly stock updates, you also get other tons of wonderful things. These may vary from tips, seminars, books and so on. But all these are of value only once you use them.

I want to mention something that surpasses everything else you get from the club. Once you join, you get a ticket to commitment. Put it like this, since you're already part of a cause, it's easier for you to persevere and succeed. This is the best thing you'll get. I always consider being part of the club as an opportunity to prepare for the future.

Is it a sure thing?

No. Nothing is a sure thing when it comes to investments. So what do you do? Learn to manage risk and discover yourself along the way. Some people don't act because they're afraid while some take risks and move forward. The risk takers may not always be right, but they're on their way.

Needless to say, I strongly suggest it.

You can actually sign up today and become a free member (this is the most basic type of membership. Click on free member. Just scroll down at the bottom of the page and click Philippines residents and sign up). Bo will then send you the necessary information and even a free e-book about how her maid invested in stock market (this will give you a good idea about stocks by the way). Just check it out first, and once you decided to join, you can upgrade your membership to get the stock updates and other benefits.

Once again, this has been quite a lengthy post, but hopefully you learned a lot.

P.S. I believe in your success

Hard Disk On An Impending Doom

I was using my laptop (mbp 2011 model) on bootcamp windows 7 when a warning message suddenly popped, stating my hard disk has a problem. I didn't pay any particular attention to it at that moment since I often get error messages when using windows. However, when I went back to my native OS, which is Mountain Lion, I was dumbfounded when finding out that the red flag was indeed real.

In my disk utility app, it showed a S.M.A.R.T. status warning that my hard disk is bound to fail and that I should backup my files and replace the hard drive as soon as possible. It was exactly like those times when you want to punch the screen upon seeing that ugly lady's face on horror pranks. "How the heck did this happen?!" The laptop's age hasn't even reached two years yet.

I did my research on google and discovered that I have to really backup my files now since there is no telling when the hard drive would give in. It put me on dismay, especially when considering apple service charges and the time it takes for fixes. I tried, to contact my guy in iCenter and she said that they have a 500 service charge just for consultation. I guess not bad, but I pretty much know already that I have to replace the hard drive and that's gonna cost. Ouch.  But there's no point of worrying. I mean nothing lasts forever right? And I think I did a really good job in exploiting this laptop ever since day one (talk about non stop use and using it like a server).

Anyway, there are also good things that I discovered while facing this predicament. In the absence of an external HD or huge memory-size flash drives, I discovered an ingenious way of backing my files. I went on and installed google Drive and stored my important files there. It's like dropbox, where you store files on the cloud (If you don't know about dropbox, then you should check it out. It's an amazing invention). I have always used google docs ever since I worked online and I'm glad that I get to have 5 Gigs of free space for Google Drive. If you are wondering, my dropbox is almost reaching its limits since I use it all the time to share files with friends.

Facing hard drive problems for the first time made me thought of upgrading to SSDs and maximizing cloud technology to store my important documents. Cloud technology definitely chunks off worry in the instance your hard disk surprises you of a sudden death.